Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Perry to Cain to Gingrich A.K.A. Anyone But Romney

We went from this:

to this:

in two short months.

It's such a different experience than the 2008 run. I had my man early then. Endorsed and campaigning for Fred Thompson right out of the gate. This time not so much...though my thoughts have been trending with the rest of the Conservatives. First I was thinking I would jump into the Perry boat, then I was definitely leaning toward Cain and now I am thinking that Newt it will be...

It doesn't make us fickle --actually just the opposite --I think it means we are resolute in our commitment to Anyone But Mitt.

Truthfully, as a candidate, I still like Perry the most. I can forgive the vaccine thing and the even the illegal immigrant thing (I am not in a border state, so feel he's better qualified to have an opinion there) and certainly the debate thing doesn't bother me at face value, but will Obama obliterate him in their debates and has the media successfully damaged him enough that he couldn't weather the general election...?

Herman Cain was a magnificent long shot. He is inspiring and an embodiment of the American Dream (someone the OWS folks should learn about). I think the allegations (though I have heard nothing more about them in the past week) will be more than even he can surmount.

Newt is a skilled linguist and he won't need a teleprompter to eviscerate Obama. But, much like Cain, will WOMEN be able to pull the lever for Newt? Forget lobbying for Freddie or Fannie --that's a job --How about a mistress becoming the First Lady? That's a lot to stomach. Mitt is lucky in that he has a group of amazing opponents that all have a fatal flaw --yet his fatal flaw is politically incorrect (even for Conservatives) to talk about...

I feel like whenever politics and the candidate I really wish I could vote for are involved, I find myself saying, "Why couldn't you just have kept it in your pants?!" It seems not even the promise of the most powerful position in the world can tame the evil beast...

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