Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm So Sick of 'Republican Primary Voters'

I really am. You've all bitched for the last three years about the slick talking Obama. And how he was able to get elected with NO EXPERIENCE because of his Teleprompter and skills as an orator.

And now you same Republicans are saying they won't vote for Rick Perry because of his debate performances?! He has a tangible record of success in Texas. And you won't vote for him because he went blank on national TV? Have you ever been on national TV...I have and I totally flubbed too. It's intimidating and beyond nerve-wracking.

I want a DOER...we've had enough TALKERS. I'll take Cain and his shady accusers, or Perry and his shaky oration and even Newt and his mistress-wife before I hold my nose and vote for Romney...

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