Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Herman's Cain's Accusers

Sexual Harassment is such is an ambiguous concept. One person's harassment is another's joke, misspeak, or chance to get a check. I have to be honest and say that I'm not a fan --unless it's sleep with me or you don't get the job/promotion/etc. It's not just me, many women I know cringe when they hear another woman mention sexual harassment or a possible law suit because of it --let me tell you, in all those times I've never heard an instance that I would have condoned legal action...

I keep thinking about the hospital administrator at the veterinarian that I worked at from twenty years old. He was an old Navy Medic that had been attached to the Marines during WWII and Korea. He was completely inappropriate and completely harmless.

I had a small tumor removed from my breast when I was 22 and when I came back to work, what was the first thing out of his mouth, "Can I see the scars?" If I were a different type of person I could have sued him 1,000 different times and won.

He is what I keep thinking about through all this Herman Cain stuff.

With John Edwards I knew right away he was guilty and that he was lying about the love child. I don't have that feeling with Herman Cain at all. There are so many shady political connections with the accusers. They are accusing him of sexual harassment --which could be an untoward joke or a glance that lasts too long --if anything at all.

Is the Media out to destroy Cain?

Cain's latest accuser made sexual harassment claims at other jobs also. That's enough said for me. And the first one posed for pictures with him at a Tea Party just a few months ago. There's already talk of financial woes and book deals.

I feel bad for his wife.

My 11 year, who I didn't realize was loosely following the story (I do have FNC on in the kitchen at all times), looked at me yesterday and said, "Mom, hasn't anyone stopped to think that maybe these people are just doing this because he's going to run against Obama and he's Black too?" Wow! At 11 he understands the threat of a Black Conservative to the Liberal establishment...?

I'm not making any judgement or verdict here. Just saying that, in my opinion, this is too vague and too politically convenient and I am inclined to believe Cain.

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