Tuesday, October 11, 2011

They're Defecating on Cop Cars...

I don't know what's worse...^that, this:

"Readin’, writin’ -- and revolution!

Some hippie families are toting kids to the wild Occupy Wall Street protests -- including one 13-year-old boy who carries a stack of quarters in case he has to make a jailhouse phone call and a homemade solution that washes pepper spray from the eyes.

“The people I ended up sleeping next to were druggies. Someone was trying to put a cigarette out on my face, and I had to roll over,” said the teen, Luca Rozany, who arrived at Zucotti Park after riding 12 hours with his grandfather and best childhood pal from their home in Asheville, NC.

The boy said they thought about leaving -- but because of the cops, not the junkies.

Luca showed off his arm, where a friend’s cellphone number and a Legal Aid number -- in case he needs a a lawyer -- were scrawled with permanent marker.

“He’s learning life lessons,’’ said his grandfather, 73, who goes by the name Weezel.

“His mother is an activist; his grandparents are activists. His grandmother has been arrested many times. He’s well equipped to deal with this..." (source)

Or the fact that I find myself in agreement with Ed Rendell (i.e. Fast Eddie):

"Former Governor Ed Rendell does not think the Occupy Movement has any Flight 93 people on board. All the occupiers need to “go home, clean up, organize and go” he told…Laura Ingraham the other day. Because he assumes the movement is going to turn violent and will be similar to the riots at the Democratic Convention in 1968 where, “everything blew up at the convention in Chicago. Poor Hubert Humphrey had absolutely zero chance coming out of that convention because the protests turned ugly, it was violent, it wasn’t productive.” Except the Occupy protests haven’t turned violent, and by the 1968 convention, protests had gotten so bad for Democrats already that Lyndon Johnson bowed out of the race. And Hubert Humphrey would have lost even if the riots hadn’t happened, if you’re looking at this thing politically.

Don’t look now, but some website called Weasel Zippers found some occupiers in Philadelphia holding a Soviet flag. And there’s a video of it, called “What they won’t show in prime time.” This means Occupiers are in favor of gulags, no doubt!" (source)

I can't really come up with any infraction that would warrant pooping in public...

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