Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hoping for Change

Why are we HOPING for CHANGE in 2012? Just read the headlines (well, other than Amanda Knox) today:

  • Ohio inmates sue over meal preparation

  • Only 2% of imported food is inspected

  • Fast and Furious gun scandal grows

  • Biden: $100 take off fee for corporate jets not "class warfare"

  • Dow ends day down more than 250 points

  • $737 million green loan to Pelosi kin fuels outrage

  • Supreme Court gets ready: Obamacare & Illegal Immigration

  • US meets with Islamic Muslim Brotherhood

  • Energy Secretary: Solyndra shouldn't stop green spending spree

  • UN plans "more ambition" in climate regulation

  • Now there's proof: Obamacare costs a mint

  • Unfortunately, 25% of you think that Romney is the way to go (the 'play it safe' folks I guess...) --I'm on board for anyone but Obama (or Romney), and I would happily support Herman Cain, Rick Perry or Chris Christie (in that order).

    UPDATE: FNC reporting that Chris Christie will announce whether or not he will run at 1 pm this afternoon.

    Chris Christie keeps his word and will NOT run for President in 2012.

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