Sunday, October 16, 2011

From one of my LEFTY friends,,,,AMEN SISTER!

"How about occupying a PURPOSE. All of this is a ridiculous joke. If you have a problem being the "1%" then get your ass back to school and get an education so you can grow the 1% to 2% and so on an so forth. NO ONE is keeping "you" down except yourselves. Absurd, useless, pointless and completely a waste of time. It's just an absolute testament to the ridiculous SELF ENTITLEMENT senselessness of this country. Even at 1%, we're richer than a majority of the world. I'm so sick of this. Get a JOB and stop your whining, bitching, complaining and self-righteous BS.

Better yet - take a trip around the world. Go to Mexico, Haiti, Pakistan, take your pick. Get some freakin' perspective and stop acting like spoiled brats. Get off the streets and get a job. This protest crap has no direction, no focus, no agenda and absolutely NO point other than to whine. If you want to make CHANGE in this country - START WITH YOU.

It makes me so sick that our US military risk their lives so spoiled Americans can make a mockery of the Constitution."

This from someone on the left? It MADE MY MORNING!

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