Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Wall Street Occupiers:

In the spirit of good citizenship (since you've been busy laying on the streets of New York, Philly, Boston and other cities) I decided that I would point out some important things you might have missed. We've been witness to your struggle to find places to go to the bathroom (we also see you've settled on cop cars) and I'm sure it's been burdensome to find places to light your joints with so many cops around... Given all that hardship, I'm assuming you haven't found time to read what's going on in the civilized world...

Yesterday, many of you went to the private homes of millionaires in NY. I am wondering if you forgot is that Barack Obama is a millionaire. In 2009, he and Shelley earned an income of $5,505,409 and (here's the kicker) only paid $1,792,414 in federal income tax. That leaves $4 mil he could have redistributed to all of you free loaders... He's also the one that wanted to bail out all the banks and 'stimulate' failing you really could have saved a lot of time by camping out at the White House.

There is a growing movement that is admonishing you by posting their own hard luck stories...that they have remedied without the government's help. It's called WE ARE THE 53%" (Psst. I think this is intimating that you -the we are the 99%ers are also the 46% that don't pay any taxes). I submitted my photo this morning (though, I made the mistake of writing it before my first cup of coffee...) and other tax payers can upload theirs here.

"First, they’re attempting to show how the 53% of people in the US who pay income taxes are shouldering the burden for everyone else despite the fact that pretty much everyone pays payroll taxes, paying into the biggest government entitlements. Nobody gets off without paying taxes in one form or another, especially sales tax. The many other burdens the poor and working class face are too many to list, ranging from mass incarceration to lack of access to healthcare and decent education.

The second thing this tumblr is doing is extending the culture war into the class war. Pitting the 53% against the 99% is not really about class issues or taxes. It’s about a system of values." (source)

And lastly, a bit of friendly advice. If you're an extremely overweight person, you might not want to be the one holding the sign that reads, "Shine a light on corporate greed, we have hungry mouths to feed." The facts kinda belie the sign...if ya know what I mean...

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