Friday, October 21, 2011

Could We Get a Citizen Journalist at OWS?

We need someone to don a gas mask and go ask some occupiers questions that the MSM just isn't asking (even FNC)!

, I haven't heard ANY of the correspondents bring up the money being spent daily to control these occupations. Why aren't these occupiers being forced to deal with the hypocrisy of their occupation in support of public sector jobs while they are forcing cities to spend tons of cash they don't have and therefore jeopardizing those same jobs that claim to be defending. Not to mention the effect on small business owners that are unlucky enough to be in the occupation zone where average citizens aren't going to set foot in...
(In the begining of October it was estimated that OWS had already cost NYC $2 million --what is the price tag now?! Pennsylvania has filed for bankruptcy ---what is our OWS bill here? Do OWSers realize unemployment payments could be on the line?)

Second, I haven't heard anyone challenge the paradoxical reality of celebrities standing amongst the occupiers and the occupiers cheering that. CEOs (love them or hate them) work long stressful hours and went through extensive schooling to get where they are. They make exorbitant salaries, BUT they WORK for them. Celebrities on the other hand make equal or more than CEOs for play acting. Professional athletes get paid millions to play a game. They are most definitely the 1%. And they get to be the 1% with no sweat and toil.

Yoko Ono ($500 Million)

Russell Simmons ($340 Million)

Deepak Chopra ($80 Million)

Kanye West ($70 Million)

Alec Baldwin ($65 Million)

Susan Sarandon ($50 Million)

Michael Moore ($50 Million)

Tim Robbins ($50 Million)

Nancy Pelosi ($35 Million)

I'm not saying that there aren't CEOs that are crooks. I'm not saying that I'm not pissed that banks et al were bailed out (hey OWSers, that's why the TEA PARTIES started!) I'm saying that sitting in a street, pooping on sidewalks and cop cars, wasting precious cash and steeping yourself in hypocrisy is NOT the way to CHANGE it!

How about you? What questions are you yelling at the TV when the OWS segments come on? What glaring questions do you feel are being ignored?

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