Friday, September 30, 2011

Woodstock 2011

At first, I was going to use of of the pictures of the 'protesters' occupying Wall Street as a 'Caption It.' Then, I had to point out this one sign, because I just know the girl thought it was so clever...and it's so NOT. But as I was scanning through all of the thing kept coming to mind...

When I was 15 or so, I remember asking my mom why her and my Dad hadn't attended Woodstock...her response has always stuck with me as an 'Ah Ha!' moment:

"We had jobs."

Succinct and poignant.

My parents might not have been HIP, but they certainly weren't HIPpies. They have always been hard working, tax paying, showering members of society.

And that's what I kept thinking as I looked at this 2011 Petrouli crowd...Always complaining about society, yet never willing to do more than hoist a nonsensical placard to change it...

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