Monday, September 26, 2011

Most Ridiculous Story of the Weekend...

Yes, even more ridiculous than Obama's fiery speech to the Congressional Black Caucasus (Take of your slippers and put on your marching shoes!)...

The MOST ridiculous story is about a school cooking competition. One team's signature creation was a huge taco that came with nachos and a drink for $5. Their posters featured the school mascot (an Eagle) standing with his hands on his hips and the slogan, "You have to be macho to eat my taco."

"Students were caught off guard Wednesday when Dave Bolt, vice president of educational services, told students to remove the posters and change the slogan based on a "significant number" of student complaints.

"When sexual harassment charges or accusations are brought to our attention, we have a responsibility," Bolt told students Wednesday. "We have to protect this environment from the things that are offensive to others. In this case, the flier was the item they were offended by. Easy remedy: Create a new flier, one that does not have a sexual connotation to it." (source)

Sexual harassment? The Man and I and some friends spent Saturday night at the hockey rink debating WHAT the taco represented... And at first I was horrified for these kids that had spent weeks on their business model only to have to scrap it...

BUT, then I read one of the kid's response to the controversy:

"Quite frankly, after having the sexual connotation explained to me, it has taken the enjoyment out of cooking," student Bob Henshaw said. "I feel that I have been irreparably harmed, in as much as I will never be able to prepare or consume another taco again without envisioning the vulgar image which is now forever etched into my mind. It saddens me to know that our school officials are prepared to violate the rights of the many to appease the few."

Now I don't know what's worse, the tools that complained about the poster to begin with...or this doucherocket that can never make a taco again?

In other news...we had tacos for dinner last night and they were hot, sloppy and delicious. :)

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