Friday, September 23, 2011

I Finally Watched An Entire Debate...

The Flyers V. Redwings preseason game wasn't I watched the Fox/Google debate.

And then (unfortunately) I watched Frank Luntz's focus group afterwards. Do you know how we all keep asking where these so-called Republicans that like Mitt Romney so much are? Well, apparently they are in FLORIDA. They were totally pumped over the empty suit and decisively thought he won the debate.

Was I watching the same debate? I get such a bad feeling from that guy. He's like a game show host that will say anything. Say what you will about George W. Bush, but I always felt like he went to bed at night with America and Americans well being weighing heavily on his mind. I don't get that sense with Mitt at fact, I feel Mitt goes to bed with Mitt's well being weighing heavily on his mind. I thought on substance it was a tie between Gingrich and Cain.

I should have jotted down notes last night because it's early and I've only had 2 cups of coffee, but I guess what actually stuck in my mind could be more telling that on-the-spot notes.

Mitt Romney: SO, yeah, I pretty much said what I had to say about him. Something nice? His suit and tie were impeccable. He's so stiff and so rehearsed. WILL NOT vote for him. Hey, if people sat out McCain, I can certainly sit out Romney with no guilt...

Rick Perry: Lost points with me last night (sorry Free). BAD suit (was it grey or brown? Bleh.) And, the less vapid reason...his logic on educating the children of illegals. Both he and Romney get too quippish with each other and it's a bit yenta-ish and emasculating for me.

Michelle Bachmann: How I long for a strong female candidate, but is not Michelle. I do like and respect her, but I don't want someone that is gaffe-prone as the first female CIC. She's smart and attractive, but a bit too reactionary. The vaccines cause retardation comments sealed the deal for me.

Newt Gingrich: Should probably be the nominee. He's so intelligent. A wonderful orator. And just the right amount of sassy. But he'll never be because he's an easy mark and one well done commercial by about cheating on his wife with cancer and a homewrecker being first lady and he loses the entire women's vote. It's a shame. I love how he refuses to engage in bashing the other candidates --it shows he wants Obama out more than he wants a victoy for himself and I dig that.

Herman Cain: I LOVE him. I love his history and his frankness. I love his dedication and his willingness to lay out a tangible plan instead of just blowing out stock PC answers. Newt and that would be good...Newt and Palin would be good too...

Ron Paul: Sean Hannity summed it up last night when he expressed his frustration that those of us with Libertarian leanings are totally with 95% of what Ron Paul says...but then he comes out with crazy, pre-9/11 isolationist ideals that flies in the face of all we've learned over the past 10 years. In a few years Rand might have a shot, but Dad's a little too kooky.

Rick Santorum: I know a retired police officer that used to drive him around when he was in Philly and he says he's a decent guy. I liked his answers last night. He seems to always really know what he's talking about and never looks caught off guard. Unfortunately, the gay community has named something very disgusting after him and I think that precludes him from ever being President.

Gary Johnson: Obviously the 'shovel ready' comment was good, but that's all I remember about him for the entire evening and that's not good. What color was his tie?

John Huntsman: Was he the one in the yellow tie or was that Gary Johnson? That can't be good...

I was feeling good about Perry, but am a bit crestfallen today.

I will not campaign for Romney. I will not blog for Romney. I will not vote for Romney. Sigh.

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