Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

Why I agree with Rick Perry regarding in-state tuition

For the past few decades, the Federal Government has done nothing to curb illegal immigration. It has not enforced it's own laws, nor given states the resources to control it. In fact, the Obama Administration sued Arizona for passing a State Law attempting to enforce the very laws the Federal Government was not enforcing.

This is a problem for border states such as Texas. The illegal aliens are here. They have been here for years, decades even, and many children, brought into this country illegally, have lived in this country most of their lives. These children grow up, graduate from High School, and in some cases serve in the military. They know no other home besides the USA.

Here's a typical scenario. Johnny, Jose and Jerome grow up together and go to the same school together. Jose's dad is a landscaper who is here illegally. Jose is the older brother, born in Mexico. His younger brothers and sisters are born here, and are US citizens as a result of that. Most everyone knows Jose's Dad is here illegally, but nobody cares. He's a good guy, and does their lawn for cheap. He works hard, and doesn't cause any problems. He owns a little house, pays property taxes like everyone else. All three graduate from High School together. He applies to one of our fine state schools.

In Texas, all three pay in-state tuition for their education. He does not qualify for Federal grants or loans, so he has to pay cash. Jose is not getting a free education. He is simply paying what his friends are paying, without the advantage of student loans.

(Financial Aid qualifications here)

We Texans felt that, rather than create a permanent, uneducated underclass, we would allow those students an opportunity to further their education, so we voted into law a bill that mandated just that.

I support Rick Perry's willingness to allow children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition as the best solution available given the Federal Government's failure to do it's job. I am a Texan, and believe it is my State's right to vote on such an issue as a solution to a problem. We did. It passed. We don't need people from other states telling Texas how to run our State.

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