Sunday, August 21, 2011

Salacious Sex with Perry and Man-Made Sweating with Christie

Isn't it interesting (and pretty telling) that while Obama's camp was yapping (anonymously of course) about how they hope Rick Perry is the nominee because he would be much easier than Romney to beat (Puh-lease!)...there is an ad running asking for strippers, escorts or 'young hotties' that have had sex with Rick Perry. Yes, I know it wasn't an Obama supporter that ran the ad...but it seems that Obama's people can keep their hands clean when they have Ron Paul's minions doing their dirty work!

Have you had sex with Rick Perry?
I don't remember free polls 

And, by now I'm sure you've all seen this:

Gov. Christie admits climate change is a real problem, that human activity plays a role

In the last very UNscientific poll here 27% of you were with Ann Coulter and wanted Christie to run. This didn't change that for about you?

Does Christie's "Global Warming is man-made" statement change how you think of him?
I've been telling you all he's a RINO for months! free polls 

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