Friday, August 05, 2011

Right or Left Amercia

A liberal friend posted this on Facebook yesterday as a sort of eulogy for the country. I normally don't read links people put there, as FB is my non-political oasis. I couldn't resist this one though because one of his contacts commented that "he should do some more research because issue-by-issue America is a liberal country." His source? He linked "non-partisan source" Media Matters.

Budget brinkmanship in a conservative America:

"JARED BERNSTEIN, a progressive economist who until recently worked for the vice-president, tells it straight:

If your conclusion is that Democrats got rolled because the President is a lousy negotiator, I disagree. Not on his negotiating skills…as someone said in comments, I wouldn’t want him in the auto showroom with me when I’m bargaining for a better price. I disagree that better negotiating skills would have made a big difference. The problem goes much deeper. ...

The problem for progressives is that not very many Americans are progressive. As Mr Bernstein put it:

Those of us who do care about [progressive programmes] will not defeat those who strive to get rid of it all by becoming better tacticians. We will only find success when a majority of Americans agrees with us that government is something worth fighting for.

There you have it...

..."Liberals just aren’t the 'base' of the Democratic Party in the same way that conservatives are the base of the GOP", Mr Yglesias observes. The major parties, he notes, "are very asymmetrical in their structure and composition". Quite right." (source)

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