Monday, August 01, 2011

Guest From the Right: Free0352

If this is winning what does loosing feel like?

Republicans are trying like mad to tell us we've won because there were no tax increases, and Democrats are crying, kicking, and screaming because there were no tax increases. Well? Whoopty-do.

I'm glad we won't have to pay more in taxes, but a measly trillion in cuts over ten years?... and yet another bipartisan commission? That's a win? We're 14 trillion in debt, soon to be 16 trillion... our deficit exceeds a trillion a year. This is a joke. This does not solve the problem. It's a political face save for Republican ruling class ass holes and it gives Obama what he really wanted all along... to not have to deal with this issue again around election time. That was basically all he cared about, he'd have signed anything to make this go away.

So in short, if this is victory, it's pyrrhic at best. We'll never have that kind of leverage again. I hope the Tea Party Congressmen can kill this sucker, so I can be spared the collective and shrill outrage that will certainly follow when Americans get a load of all the pork certainly tucked into it. But that's not likely.

Well, better luck next time guys. Hey, did you think reforming Washington was going to be easy?

(You can read Free daily at: John Galt for President)

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