Friday, August 12, 2011

GOP's 2nd Debate

I really wish I would have watched the GOP debate last night, just so I would know in what context and for what reason Michelle Bachmann was asked if she "would submit to her husband?" Huh?!

Unfortunately for all these candidates, I'm a political junkie and I am still finding Paulie D a little more compelling than any of them.

So, for once I have the NY Magazine to thank for bringing me up to speed (not really) with their little video montage of what they thought were the most important moments of the night... Though I heard Ron Paul has a sort of foreign policy meltdown that isn't on the reel. Those who watched can let us know how they did and what was missed...


Okay, I should have know, the Ron Paul people have the full debate posted (in three parts):



...And the winner was?

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