Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear President Obama,

It must have been crushing news to hear the CBO declare that unemployment would most likely remain at 9% throughout your reelection bid.

I am not implying it's your campaign that has you down and not the record number of Americans that can't find a job. I thought, in light of this, you might want to hear a success story. A story of literally TOO MUCH work thanks to your policies.

My husband, The Man, is a "Super" (supervisor/foreman) for a large East Coast mechanical company. This entire summer vacation his children and I have seen him only once for more than eight consecutive hours. Imagine that, all these people that can't find a job and this company has so much work that one of their Supers is currently running FOUR jobs and two of then are TWO HOURS from our home.

In the past there was always one Super per job and they could actually go home to their families and sleep at night. But no more! Thanks to the uncertainly of the markets, the economy and the possibility of Obamacare, the company doesn't want to hire. They went through a huge layoff a few years ago and don't want to go through that again.

So, when the press and your GOP opponents hassle you about job creation and unemployment rates...remind them about a company in Pennsylvania that --thanks to you-- has so much work that their employees can never leave.

As Always,


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