Friday, August 26, 2011

Bare All for Ron Paul?

A new Rasmussen poll has Obama at 39% and Ron Paul at 38%.

I can never quite succinctly articulate my feelings about Ron Paul other than resorting to joking about his very unfortunate predilection of wearing sneakers and a suit. That's partially jokes and partially serious because it's symptomatic of a larger issue. Indicative of someone that's a little clueless...and a little out of touch. Not just with fashion faux paus, but with public feelings and sentiment. I'm not comfortable giving the reigns of the country to the D&D geek from high school. Don't get me wrong, I love D&D guys (and am a gaming geek myself) and I certainly want those guys and gals at NORAD and at NASSA and engineering the weapons that will protect our troops...but running the country...not so much.

There is someone out there that did a much better job than I in highlighting some of Paul's more dangerous views:

The Friend of My Enemy is Ron Paul (Read the whole piece!)(H/T to FreeMom on this one!)

"In the fashion of all anti-war leftists who disregard the Constitution’s requirements that the Congress must provide for our national defense not destroy it, Ron Paul’s foreign policy beliefs demand that America demilitarize and extend the hand of friendship to an armed enemy that in fact does have an army—the politically powerful and violent Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps begun during Islamic Revolution of 1979."

But, while doing a bunch of reading about Ron Paul over the past couple of days I came across another strange phenomenon. Baring it all for Paul?! What about this little man that elicits this?! :)

Maybe if David Beckham was running for President...

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