Thursday, July 14, 2011

Troops in Need

Project VALOUR-IT is an organization that provides laptops with voice activated software to soldiers, marines and airmen that have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I LOVE this cause.

Imagine a marine is wounded by an IED. He is shuffled from Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany to Walter Reed, but his entire family across the country in Oklahoma. Imagine endless hours of laying and looking at the ceiling surrounded by strangers while coming to terms with a live-altering injury. Imagine having to rely on nurses to hold phones to your ear.

Then imagine a VALOUR-IT representative handing you a voice activated laptop that allows you to spend those countless hours emailing, skyping with family members...or blogging your experiences for other troops.


There are so many great causes out there and so many non-profits vying for dollars...but RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT Project VALOUR-IT has a waiting list of 136 laptops.

136 injured warriors waiting to have contact with friends and family.

These laptops are the LEAST we should be doing for them.

The very least.

If you feel as if this cause is a worthy as I do...please consider digging a little deeper than is comfortable and helping take care of this 136 laptop deficit!!!!

You can donate through the team of your choice


Fingers crossed that they can get all 136 laptops!!!!!

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