Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tim Thomas: Goalie God by Day & Tea Partier by Night?

“It’s the only thing that Hilary Clinton and I agree on, but it really does take a village.” ~Tim Thomas on how a team wins the Stanley Cup

My middle son is a hockey goalie. My middle son is an extremely methodical child that has made me watch countless hours of video on each and every goalie in the National Hockey League (and even a few in the KHL and AHL). My middle son requires that The Man and I record each goal that is scored on him and where and why it went in. My middle child now has he and I signing up for yoga because top NHL goalies Tim Thomas and Henrik Lundqvust swear by it.

I tell you all this because I seemed to be the first to notice and blog about Tim Thomas' Tea Party goalie helmet. But I credit the hours of YouTube clips forced upon me by said middle child. I noticed the helmet back in February and couldn't find any Boston fans writing about it (Which was strange as nothing goes unturned by the Flyers' faithful). I guess they were in denial.

So, even though I know none of you care, I blogged about it on March 3rd: Will We See Tim Thomas at a Tea Party?

But now, now that the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup...a few articles are popping up. One by Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, entitled Fill the Stanley Cup with Tea, that seems to be proof that my initial observations were indeed spot on and not just wishful thinking.

It seems Bean Town's hero, Timmy Thomas, "is a FreedomWorks donor, giving generously right before the historic November 2010 elections, according to the FEC."

In addition to the winning the Stanley Cup, the Vezina Trophy (given to the NHL goalie that is "adjudged to be the best at this position") and the Conn Smythe Trophy (Most Valuable player of the playoffs), Tim Thomas won two ESPYs the other night: "best championship performance" and "best NHL player."

There's also VIDEO of Thomas telling reporters that a loss is hard, but in the scheme of bombings in Israel, it was just a game.

So, now there is written record to justify why I bleed Orange and Black...but still love the goalie of an arch rival's team...

(I took this picture a week ago at the NHL store in NYC for Courtney. The same middle son picked a family excursion to the Big Apple and the NHL store as his reward for straight A's all year)

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