Friday, July 22, 2011

Strange Bedfellows

...So, July 16th has come and gone. The 7 year anniversary of this here little blog.

As I spent the past two days with someone I met right here on Blonde Sagacity (though back at its Moby Rebuttal inception), I have been thinking a lot about what's been gained and lost here...and what happens next.

I have met so many wonderful people here. But, for some strange reason, it's the Lefties that I have formed real-life friendships with. Nimbus' family and mine just spent a few days at the Jersey Shore. Our sons met a few years ago and have become fast friends. Courtney. She is a fellow female hockey freak and tries to stop and hang with The Man and I whenever she's near Philly. ArmyGirl. An unlikely friend, but a very good friend... No, I'm not about to announce I've changed my political stripes, just making a random observation...

Bonnie(PRM) is awesome. Zelda and Jethro...we had such a great time hanging out and I know we would be tight if we lived closer. CBFTW was the best drinking buddy ever. RussfromWinterset and his wife were the embodiment of the good people of the midwest. Loved breaking bread with Big&Mean and his wife.Loved having a few drinks with my sis and BillT from The Castle. A delicious dinner with SWMBO at The Continental. Kali is my soul sister. It was awesome Tea Partying with Grizzly Momma and her man. Nice having breakfast with RP (formerly known as JFM) and always an adventure lunching in the gayborhood with Pax Romano.

There are so many of you I wish I could hang with in real life...but alas, you are in Kansas and SoCal and Seattle, and many other places I might never get to...

Yesterday, as we sat on the beach sipping Skinny Girl margaritas, Nimbus and I were discussing the recent resurgence of blogging. Can you believe new blogs are popping up in 2011? "Like, OMG, have you heard of a blog...I just started one."


Really, well, 2004 called and they want their medium back.

I have no idea what happens from here, but it has certainly been a wild ride.

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