Monday, July 25, 2011

Social Re-Conditioning

First it was Glee, and now it's "All American Muslim"

"TLC, the television channel known for its sometimes extreme depictions of human behavior, has announced it will debut a new reality show in the fall, taking viewers inside the homes of five different Muslim-American families in Dearborn, Mich. Dearborn is home to a large Muslim-American population, and the Islamic Center of America is the largest mosque in the country.

"The families featured in the series share the same religion, but lead very distinct lives that often times challenge the Muslim stereotype. Among the handful of subjects profiled are Shadia and Suehaila, who are tight-knit sisters, but while Suehaila wears the traditional head scarf, is active in the Muslim community and prays five times a day, Shadia is outspoken, has piercings and tattoos and recently married an Irish Catholic who is converting to Islam. Also recently married, Nadar and Nawal are having their first baby and trying to find the balance between their traditional Muslim roots and American culture. Mike, Deputy Chief for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Dept., works tirelessly to educate the department about the Muslim religion in an effort to reduce discrimination and ignorance while his wife, an executive who works as a consultant to a major auto manufacturer, struggles to find the balance between work and raising a modern Muslim family."

I'm trying to recall an instance in which the media/entertainment industry used their 'power' to re-educate Americans about born-again Christians, or pro-life activists, or young Conservatives...? I can't seem to think of any...

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