Friday, July 08, 2011

An Open Letter to Tim Pawlenty

Dear Governor Pawlenty;

You can't just say, 'You can be strong AND nice' without offering examples...(other than Reagan was too --Reagan always painted pictures with his words) Nice AND strong aren't attributes normally assigned to the same person. And, like it or not...agree or not, but the party faithful view you as a bit of a softie...

BUT, I have a solution! You are a hockey guy. Ian Laperrière is a hockey guy. Lappy is in the process of becoming an American citizen. You could offer to mentor him. He was voted 'Toughest Guy in the NHL' AND "Dad of the Year" at the same time. During one game he received over 100 stitches and lost seven teeth BUT went back in the game. He recently won the Bill Masterton Trophy which has some to do with toughness and perseverance...but even more with sportsmanship. See, a living, breathing example of Tough AND Nice.

So, Governor, it really is 'All About Lappy!' when it comes to revamping your 'soft' image with the American public.

Just a little free advice from a Conservative that's still waiting to be wowed by someone...

As Always,

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