Friday, July 29, 2011

Islam: Religion and/or Political Movement

"Pfc. Nasser Jason Abdo was arrested Wednesday afternoon by the Killeen Police Department near the Texas base -- the site of a November 2009 massacre, allegedly committed by another Muslim serviceman.

The target of Abdo's plot was to be a restaurant outside the Ft. Hood base frequented by base members, a senior law enforcement source told FOX News Channel. The attack was to involve at least one bomb blast followed by a shooting attack." (source)

Atheist Jews still refer to themselves as Jewish. So, Judaism is obviously two things: A religion and an ethnic group. Maybe the Americans that are so scared to offend anyone could get their heads around accepting the driving force behind some Muslims if they also made Islam two things: A religion AND a political philosophy.

It would be up to those elusive 'Moderate Muslims' to find a way to differentiate the two. In my eyes, they have yet to do so.

We could then agree that those that practice Islam as a religion can follow the elusive peaceful part of the Qur'an and those that believe in Islam and the global domination of Islam as a philosophy are evil. Since the 'moderates' and the Left have failed to do this --it will fall upon our shoulders... Some days I fear the complacency and political correctness will condemn our children (or grandchildren) to face Mecca 5 times a day...under duress...

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