Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Far Left VS. The Far Right

Last night, after I read about the charges being brought against Obama for ordering the killing of Osama, I was thinking about the extremes on both sides of the political ideology... The 'kookiest' the right and left have to offer...

The 'kookiest' of the right would be someone convinced it was okay to blow up abortion clinics because sacrificing a few to save many seemed about right to them.

The 'kookiest' of the left brings charges of 'crimes against humanity' on President Obama for 'murdering' the architect of murdering thousands of innocent lives.

So, if nothing else they're consistent. The right is always looking for justice and to protect the innocent at any cost and the left is always against accountability and justice if it involves the death of the guilty party.

The 'moderates' on the right are pro-life but wouldn't blow up a clinic and the 'moderates' on the left 'anti-death penalty' but will make a Bin laden exception. But see... even in moderate form the right is fighting for the innocent (unborn babies) and the left is fighting for the worst of society (Mumia et al).

It's truly a strange phenomenon and one I'm glad I'm on the RIGHT side of...

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