Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Cuomo in, Biden Out?

Despite the Internet rumors running rampant...this would never happen. Even if Obama could get some total anti-war, left wing, vegan, weather alarmist running mate that could bounce his numbers with the Neko Case listening, Keen sandal wearing, unkempt beard having libs that elected him --it still wouldn't happen.

Just like the rumors that Bush was going to ditch Cheney for the '04 election because he was dead weight. He wasn't. The base loved Cheney. And the Unions LOVE Biden. What did he just actually say out loud at a thug Teamster convention? If you vote Republican don't come to me, you're on your own? (I won't even bother asking you to imagine Bush saying such a thing...)

So, thankfully for us Bloggers, Biden will stay...and the re-election gaffes will abound.

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