Friday, July 29, 2011

The Boehner Bill -Yea or Nay?

The Boehner YOU want you Representative to sign or hold out?

Paul Ryan is on board. So is Allen West. But the Club for Growth is urging members of the House to vote down this last ditch attempt. Rand Paul is against it also.

Hannity and McCain certainly went at it over their differences on this.

So, I was leaning toward going with Boehner and making sure Obama has to deal with this again before his reelection bid.

Then I read this by Rush Limbaugh.

And once again, now I don't know what to think.

Islam: Religion and/or Political Movement

"Pfc. Nasser Jason Abdo was arrested Wednesday afternoon by the Killeen Police Department near the Texas base -- the site of a November 2009 massacre, allegedly committed by another Muslim serviceman.

The target of Abdo's plot was to be a restaurant outside the Ft. Hood base frequented by base members, a senior law enforcement source told FOX News Channel. The attack was to involve at least one bomb blast followed by a shooting attack." (source)

Atheist Jews still refer to themselves as Jewish. So, Judaism is obviously two things: A religion and an ethnic group. Maybe the Americans that are so scared to offend anyone could get their heads around accepting the driving force behind some Muslims if they also made Islam two things: A religion AND a political philosophy.

It would be up to those elusive 'Moderate Muslims' to find a way to differentiate the two. In my eyes, they have yet to do so.

We could then agree that those that practice Islam as a religion can follow the elusive peaceful part of the Qur'an and those that believe in Islam and the global domination of Islam as a philosophy are evil. Since the 'moderates' and the Left have failed to do this --it will fall upon our shoulders... Some days I fear the complacency and political correctness will condemn our children (or grandchildren) to face Mecca 5 times a day...under duress...

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Play, What's the Bigger Scandal...

It seems to me that this Fast & Furious Mexican Gun Scandal is much worse than the Iran-Contra Affair. No Americans were killed with the Contra arms. We were trying to free 54 Americans from the clutches of Islamic radicals....

Apparently there are "lengthy hearings" going on, but what have we heard about them? Ollie North's face was plastered over all three networks (pre-cable in my house) for an entire summer.

"At a lengthy hearing on ATF's controversial gunwalking operation today, a key ATF manager told Congress he discussed the case with a White House National Security staffer as early as September 2010. The communications were between ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix office, Bill Newell, and White House National Security Director for North America Kevin O'Reilly. Newell said the two are longtime friends. The content of what Newell shared with O'Reilly is unclear and wasn't fully explored at the hearing.

It's the first time anyone has publicly stated that a White House official had any familiarity with ATF's operation Fast and Furious, which allowed thousands of weapons to fall into the hands of suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels in an attempt to gain intelligence. It's unknown as to whether O'Reilly shared information with anybody else at the White House.

Congressional investigators obtained an email from Newell to O'Reilly in September of last year in which Newell began with the words: "you didn't get this from me." (source)

I hate having to be suspect of the media for each and every article it prints...but even in the last year there was the misinformation surrounding Jared Loughner, now the misinformation around this Norwegian loon and this seemingly massive hush-hush by the media on this Fast & Furious scandal. I'm not saying info isn't out there --I'm saying that when Reagan was president it was above the fold on all papers every day and on all the major networks ad naseum.

And, given the death of Americans with American Government guns....this one seems a little worse in my estimation....?

Then again...this is pretty bad too!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Casey Anthony...Halloween Sensation?

If you have an extra $25K you can really scare the kids in your neighborhood this Halloween. But, you'll have to compete for it --currently there's 111 bids and there's still 10 hours left on the auction...

Given the American legal system these days, watch this biatch be allowed to sue and get the proceeds from these...

Where Are Your Blogs?

I hate the 'new' commenting platform here. I loved Haloscan, but they were bought out (lifetime contracts be damned) and here we are. Aside from the fact that many readers using IE or Netscape can't comment, I can't get the comments on my phone. (Can anyone access comments mobile?) The other thing that has been bothering me is I can't seem to find YOUR links. It asks for a web address when you enter a comment, but where does that information go because I can't seem to access it for any of you.

So, if you comment here and have a blog/website/journal...PLEASE leave the address in these comments. I'd love to update my blogroll with that information.


And, anyone that doesn't have a blog can use the comments to recommend what GPS I should get with my gift certificate (My phone GPS has gone wonky). TomTom vs Garmin?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AP Economics

"The American people may have voted for divided government, but they didn't vote for a dysfunctional government. So I'm asking you all to make your voice heard," President Obama said last night via a politically charged television address to the nation.

What's so frustrating about all this is, since it is such a politically motivated subject and so close to a Presidential election, how are we supposed to know who to believe? Each side can't even come to a consensus amongst themselves. Each side has something other than the good of the country to gain. And it seems that the political consultants commenting are many of the ones that got us into this mess to begin with...

Is the situation as dire as it's being sold? And if so, why do some 'financial experts' say the debt ceiling MUST be raised to save us, while others say raising the debt ceiling will doom us? Which is it? I don't care about a side here --this shouldn't be opinion, right? The 'financial experts' should know the ramifications of leaving or raising the debt ceiling and be able to calculate the risks of both then weigh them...and then offer the American people two real scenarios?

Or am I being this all about ideology and politics and the country be damned?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Social Re-Conditioning

First it was Glee, and now it's "All American Muslim"

"TLC, the television channel known for its sometimes extreme depictions of human behavior, has announced it will debut a new reality show in the fall, taking viewers inside the homes of five different Muslim-American families in Dearborn, Mich. Dearborn is home to a large Muslim-American population, and the Islamic Center of America is the largest mosque in the country.

"The families featured in the series share the same religion, but lead very distinct lives that often times challenge the Muslim stereotype. Among the handful of subjects profiled are Shadia and Suehaila, who are tight-knit sisters, but while Suehaila wears the traditional head scarf, is active in the Muslim community and prays five times a day, Shadia is outspoken, has piercings and tattoos and recently married an Irish Catholic who is converting to Islam. Also recently married, Nadar and Nawal are having their first baby and trying to find the balance between their traditional Muslim roots and American culture. Mike, Deputy Chief for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Dept., works tirelessly to educate the department about the Muslim religion in an effort to reduce discrimination and ignorance while his wife, an executive who works as a consultant to a major auto manufacturer, struggles to find the balance between work and raising a modern Muslim family."

I'm trying to recall an instance in which the media/entertainment industry used their 'power' to re-educate Americans about born-again Christians, or pro-life activists, or young Conservatives...? I can't seem to think of any...

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Strange Bedfellows

...So, July 16th has come and gone. The 7 year anniversary of this here little blog.

As I spent the past two days with someone I met right here on Blonde Sagacity (though back at its Moby Rebuttal inception), I have been thinking a lot about what's been gained and lost here...and what happens next.

I have met so many wonderful people here. But, for some strange reason, it's the Lefties that I have formed real-life friendships with. Nimbus' family and mine just spent a few days at the Jersey Shore. Our sons met a few years ago and have become fast friends. Courtney. She is a fellow female hockey freak and tries to stop and hang with The Man and I whenever she's near Philly. ArmyGirl. An unlikely friend, but a very good friend... No, I'm not about to announce I've changed my political stripes, just making a random observation...

Bonnie(PRM) is awesome. Zelda and Jethro...we had such a great time hanging out and I know we would be tight if we lived closer. CBFTW was the best drinking buddy ever. RussfromWinterset and his wife were the embodiment of the good people of the midwest. Loved breaking bread with Big&Mean and his wife.Loved having a few drinks with my sis and BillT from The Castle. A delicious dinner with SWMBO at The Continental. Kali is my soul sister. It was awesome Tea Partying with Grizzly Momma and her man. Nice having breakfast with RP (formerly known as JFM) and always an adventure lunching in the gayborhood with Pax Romano.

There are so many of you I wish I could hang with in real life...but alas, you are in Kansas and SoCal and Seattle, and many other places I might never get to...

Yesterday, as we sat on the beach sipping Skinny Girl margaritas, Nimbus and I were discussing the recent resurgence of blogging. Can you believe new blogs are popping up in 2011? "Like, OMG, have you heard of a blog...I just started one."


Really, well, 2004 called and they want their medium back.

I have no idea what happens from here, but it has certainly been a wild ride.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Philly Cops Begin Policing Bad Manners...?

"Philadelphia officials next month plan to use more “stick” in a program that takes a carrot-and-stick approach to bad behavior by people in cars, on bicycles, and on foot.

The program, dubbed “Give Respect, Get Respect,” was launched at the beginning of May, aimed at reining in bad behavior by motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians in Center City (things like distracted driving, jaywalking and sidewalk bicycling).

Since then, some tickets, but mostly warnings have been handed out.

But Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler says starting in August, more citations will be issued.

“After the first several months of doing that, we really need to pick up the enforcement side and really get serious,” she told KYW Newsradio today." (source)

Do they realize Philadelphia is in the Top 10 most murderous cities in the United States? Tons of rapes, robberies and racketeering...And they're worried about jaywalking and rude bicyclers?

See, I told you all --it all starts with smoking bans.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Far Left VS. The Far Right

Last night, after I read about the charges being brought against Obama for ordering the killing of Osama, I was thinking about the extremes on both sides of the political ideology... The 'kookiest' the right and left have to offer...

The 'kookiest' of the right would be someone convinced it was okay to blow up abortion clinics because sacrificing a few to save many seemed about right to them.

The 'kookiest' of the left brings charges of 'crimes against humanity' on President Obama for 'murdering' the architect of murdering thousands of innocent lives.

So, if nothing else they're consistent. The right is always looking for justice and to protect the innocent at any cost and the left is always against accountability and justice if it involves the death of the guilty party.

The 'moderates' on the right are pro-life but wouldn't blow up a clinic and the 'moderates' on the left 'anti-death penalty' but will make a Bin laden exception. But see... even in moderate form the right is fighting for the innocent (unborn babies) and the left is fighting for the worst of society (Mumia et al).

It's truly a strange phenomenon and one I'm glad I'm on the RIGHT side of...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest From the Left: J. Marquis

The Generic Republican Poll

It tickles me when I hear Republicans talking about Obama losing to the "generic" Republican candidate.

I'm not sure what the generic Republican would look like or sound like or act like. I guess the only thing we can be sure of his that he/she would work tirelessly to make sure the rich never have to pay a cent more in taxes.

But since the GOP has to actually run a real, live human being in 2012, let's take a second and go down the list. Who's got a shot at winning the nomination and who's
just wasting their time?

Mitt Romney- Seems to be the odds on favorite to win the GOP nomination. However, I've never met a Republican who's actually enthusiastic about voting for him. Has two groups standing strong against him: the anti-Mormon voters and the anti-robot voters. Electable.

Michele Bachmann- she's gained a lot of traction in Iowa lately. Of course, if you're conservative enough to gain traction in Iowa then you're probably going
to slide all over the road in the other states. Always one tough question away from completely losing it. Electable... but what a nightmare scenario.

Herman Cain- seems like a nice guy but has no political experience. Hates prejudice but also thinks there's about a 99 percent chance any Muslim who attends a mosque is getting ready to unleash Sharia law on
the country. Unelectable.

Rick Santorum- annoying, unlikeable and way too concerned about what other people are doing in the privacy of their own homes. Unelectable.

Ron Paul- charming and consistent and unelectable.

Tim Pawlenty- if he didn't have the guts to take on Romney in the debate how would he deal with a 3am crisis? Unelectable and really kind of a weasel.

Newt Gingrich- I'm amazed what a joke his campaign has been. He's like a rodeo cowboy who can't seem to get the bull to leave the shoot. Unelectable.

Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson- a second Mormon and a second libertarian. Unelectable squared.

And then you have the teases, Rick Perry and Mama Grizzly Palin. He's unelectable because there's no way America is ready to be led again this soon by a good ol' boy from Texas. And she's unelectable because actually campaigning is just too much work for a big celebrity like her now.

How'd I do? Think I missed the mark on any of these folks?

(You can read J. Marquis daily at: Major Conflict)

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(And a good post about this particular photo)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tim Thomas: Goalie God by Day & Tea Partier by Night?

“It’s the only thing that Hilary Clinton and I agree on, but it really does take a village.” ~Tim Thomas on how a team wins the Stanley Cup

My middle son is a hockey goalie. My middle son is an extremely methodical child that has made me watch countless hours of video on each and every goalie in the National Hockey League (and even a few in the KHL and AHL). My middle son requires that The Man and I record each goal that is scored on him and where and why it went in. My middle child now has he and I signing up for yoga because top NHL goalies Tim Thomas and Henrik Lundqvust swear by it.

I tell you all this because I seemed to be the first to notice and blog about Tim Thomas' Tea Party goalie helmet. But I credit the hours of YouTube clips forced upon me by said middle child. I noticed the helmet back in February and couldn't find any Boston fans writing about it (Which was strange as nothing goes unturned by the Flyers' faithful). I guess they were in denial.

So, even though I know none of you care, I blogged about it on March 3rd: Will We See Tim Thomas at a Tea Party?

But now, now that the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup...a few articles are popping up. One by Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, entitled Fill the Stanley Cup with Tea, that seems to be proof that my initial observations were indeed spot on and not just wishful thinking.

It seems Bean Town's hero, Timmy Thomas, "is a FreedomWorks donor, giving generously right before the historic November 2010 elections, according to the FEC."

In addition to the winning the Stanley Cup, the Vezina Trophy (given to the NHL goalie that is "adjudged to be the best at this position") and the Conn Smythe Trophy (Most Valuable player of the playoffs), Tim Thomas won two ESPYs the other night: "best championship performance" and "best NHL player."

There's also VIDEO of Thomas telling reporters that a loss is hard, but in the scheme of bombings in Israel, it was just a game.

So, now there is written record to justify why I bleed Orange and Black...but still love the goalie of an arch rival's team...

(I took this picture a week ago at the NHL store in NYC for Courtney. The same middle son picked a family excursion to the Big Apple and the NHL store as his reward for straight A's all year)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Who Will It Be for the GOP?

Ugh. I hate this. I hate waiting. I hate surprises. I hate that a bunch of rubes in Iowa and New Hampshire get to pick who the next Presidential candidate is --and they have gotten it wrong SO MANY TIMES.

The Oval Office is just sitting there --waiting to be taken. BUT, as I have said in the past...I don't believe a party that is voting AGAINST someone instead of FOR someone can win. Case-in-point: John Kerry. I think they hated Bush much more than we hate Obama --yet Kerry didn't enthuse them and despite all the "Anybody But Bush" talk...Kerry lost.

"Registered voters by a significant margin now say they are more likely to vote for the "Republican Party's candidate for president" than for President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, 47% to 39%. Preferences had been fairly evenly divided this year in this test of Obama's re-election prospects.

The latest results are based on a July 7-10 poll, and show that the Republican has an edge for the second consecutive month. Obama held a slight edge in May, when his approval rating increased after the death of Osama bin Laden. As his rating has come back down during the last two months, so has his standing on the presidential "generic ballot." (Gallup)

We need someone to WOW us. Who will it be? Will it be Cain, Pawlenty, Bachmann...or will Rick Perry enter the fray and be the one. I wish I knew. The waiting is killing me...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Troops in Need

Project VALOUR-IT is an organization that provides laptops with voice activated software to soldiers, marines and airmen that have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I LOVE this cause.

Imagine a marine is wounded by an IED. He is shuffled from Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany to Walter Reed, but his entire family across the country in Oklahoma. Imagine endless hours of laying and looking at the ceiling surrounded by strangers while coming to terms with a live-altering injury. Imagine having to rely on nurses to hold phones to your ear.

Then imagine a VALOUR-IT representative handing you a voice activated laptop that allows you to spend those countless hours emailing, skyping with family members...or blogging your experiences for other troops.


There are so many great causes out there and so many non-profits vying for dollars...but RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT Project VALOUR-IT has a waiting list of 136 laptops.

136 injured warriors waiting to have contact with friends and family.

These laptops are the LEAST we should be doing for them.

The very least.

If you feel as if this cause is a worthy as I do...please consider digging a little deeper than is comfortable and helping take care of this 136 laptop deficit!!!!

You can donate through the team of your choice


Fingers crossed that they can get all 136 laptops!!!!!

Mila Backs Out?

"Mila Kunis has reportedly broken her word -- and, along with it, one lonely Marine's heart.

Contrary to reports earlier this week, it appears that the "Black Swan" actress won't be attending the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore in North Carolina this November -- because she has filming commitments that will keep her too busy for traveling..." (source)

Well, it was Justin Timberlake that said Mila "needed to do it for the country." And now Justin has two invitations of his own...

He has been asked by OEF veteran and Purple Heart recipient Genevieve Chase on date with many women veterans of all eras and conflicts at the NYC Veterans' Day parade after party:

And/or a date to the D.C. Marine Corps ball with Corporal Kelsey De Santis (the ONLY FEMALE serving at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence (MACE) at Marine Corps Base Quantico)

Loved this sentiment:

"It's a sad world when it's the heroes of our country being turned down by entertainers. Doesn't that seem really backwards?"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trouble Commenting Here?

You haven't been banned!

(In fact, in 3 days this blog will have been existence for 7 years...and I am proud to say NO ONE has ever been banned. Lovin' the free speech exercised here!!!)

The new IE and Netscape upgrades seems to have a conflict with the commenting platform used here (I didn't pick it -they bought out Haloscan). It has happened to many of us (myself included). Other browsers seem to be able to handle it just find (Firefox, Safari...)

Economy Defined

I have no idea who is selling this shirt, but they get a free ad because it's awesome.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Someone in Hollywood Does Something Decent...

(Other than Gary Sinise that is...)

It all started with this invitation to the Marine Corps Ball:

The Marine Sergeant's date of choice: Mila Kunis of 'That 70's Show' fame:

The decent thing? She accepted!

Very cool.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

Houston's Red Light Camera Saga.

In 2006, Houston, like many other cities across the country, installed red light cameras in 50 intersections, with the stated purpose of cutting down on the number of people running red lights. If you hit the intersection one nanosecond too late, you had your picture taken and a ticket was mailed to you.

Rear end collisions instantly skyrocketed at those intersections. A study came out showing there were twice as many rear end collisions at those intersections as before. The City of Houston sought to suppress this information.

Citizens rightly complained that those intersections posed more of a danger once the cameras were installed than before, even though the purpose presented was to make intersections safer. The City, however, was deaf to our pleas.

Organizations of outraged citizens began to form, and one, Citizens Against Red Light Cameras, gathered some steam. Last November, Houston citizens voiced their displeasure at the ballot box, and voted the hated cameras illegal. Within days, the cameras were turned off. The City of Houston cried over the loss of revenue. The City had been raking in $10 million per year in easy money. Statements were made that we would have to “lay off police and firefighters, making our city less safe” proving what we citizens knew all along; that these cameras were revenue raisers, not safety devices.

We all breathed a sigh of relief and went on with our business. But last Friday, Federal Judge Lynn Hughs ruled that the vote was unconstitutional, and the cameras had to be turned back on. "The case is not certified for an interlocutory appeal," said Judge Hughes, meaning that we can't appeal the ruling.

Why a Federal Judge got mixed up in what is clearly City business, and how a 53% majority vote can be declared unconstitutional, and how said judge can rule that this ruling is final and cannot be appealed is beyond my ability to understand.

But this is how we are losing our freedom.

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Friday, July 08, 2011

An Open Letter to Tim Pawlenty

Dear Governor Pawlenty;

You can't just say, 'You can be strong AND nice' without offering examples...(other than Reagan was too --Reagan always painted pictures with his words) Nice AND strong aren't attributes normally assigned to the same person. And, like it or not...agree or not, but the party faithful view you as a bit of a softie...

BUT, I have a solution! You are a hockey guy. Ian Laperrière is a hockey guy. Lappy is in the process of becoming an American citizen. You could offer to mentor him. He was voted 'Toughest Guy in the NHL' AND "Dad of the Year" at the same time. During one game he received over 100 stitches and lost seven teeth BUT went back in the game. He recently won the Bill Masterton Trophy which has some to do with toughness and perseverance...but even more with sportsmanship. See, a living, breathing example of Tough AND Nice.

So, Governor, it really is 'All About Lappy!' when it comes to revamping your 'soft' image with the American public.

Just a little free advice from a Conservative that's still waiting to be wowed by someone...

As Always,

Would Hillary Be The President...?


"In the spring of 1961, President Obama’s father revealed a plan for his unborn son that might have changed the course of American political history.

The elder Barack H. Obama, a sophomore at the University of Hawaii, had come under scrutiny by federal immigration officials who were concerned that he had more than one wife. When he was questioned by the school’s foreign student adviser, the 24-year-old Obama insisted that he had divorced his wife in his native Kenya. Although his new wife, Ann Dunham, was five months pregnant with their child - who would be called Barack Obama II - Obama declared that they intended to put their child up for adoption." (source)

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Left's New Man-Crush: David Brooks

The Lefty sites are abuzz with praise and adulation over this NYT OpEd penned by 'Conservative columnist' David Brooks (including our own J. Marquis):

The Mother of All No-Brainers

They are calling him the "Man of the Hour," saying he has "woken up," and that his words will now "haunt Republicans."

Quite frankly, after reading his article...I can't help but wonder what the hell he's talking about? When the party was being driven by social conservatism the 'moderates' wailed that it should be about the money and not the morals. Now that the party is being driven by Fiscal Conservatives David Brooks is saying that the leaders have "no logic" and lost all "moral decency?" Which is it folks? Can we just be honest and say these folks just don't get it.

It seems that David Brooks, at the age of 50, still doesn't know what he believes. He was a liberal until 1983 --then turned Conservative --now is regressing? So every 20 years or so he changes political stripes? And we thought John Kerry was a flip flopper. Mr. Brooks, you can stay on that side of the aisle....we'd rather not have you.

And let's remind "Conservative columnist" (cough cough) David Brooks that the root of Conservative is CONSERVE. The GOP leaders are (finally) doing exactly what they were charged to do in the last election.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Voter IQ

"The biggest argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter." ~Winston Churchill

This quiz is a bit different from one previously posted.

Pew News IQ Quiz
Here's Your Score: You correctly answered 9 out of the 11 possible questions, which means you did better on the quiz than 79% of the general public.
The two I got wrong? Well, take it yourself first...


So, I wasn't sure what the US government spent the most on or what our primary source of electricity was.

If you look at the demographic breakdown of the quiz --it's the 18-29 year olds with some college that scored the lowest. Ironically, that's also who elected Obama.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse

I get it...but OJ's jury too?

Cuomo in, Biden Out?

Despite the Internet rumors running rampant...this would never happen. Even if Obama could get some total anti-war, left wing, vegan, weather alarmist running mate that could bounce his numbers with the Neko Case listening, Keen sandal wearing, unkempt beard having libs that elected him --it still wouldn't happen.

Just like the rumors that Bush was going to ditch Cheney for the '04 election because he was dead weight. He wasn't. The base loved Cheney. And the Unions LOVE Biden. What did he just actually say out loud at a thug Teamster convention? If you vote Republican don't come to me, you're on your own? (I won't even bother asking you to imagine Bush saying such a thing...)

So, thankfully for us Bloggers, Biden will stay...and the re-election gaffes will abound.

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Guest Post from Foxy Wizard

Food for Conspiracy Theorists, like me.

So let me get this straight... Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the head of the International Monetary Fund. They always have a number one from Europe, and a number two from the US. The sister organization is called The World Bank, and is always headed by an American. This man is also running for President of France.

He comes to America, and gets charged for raping a maid in the hotel. Now these people travel all over the world, and stay in $2000/night hotel rooms, and have women any time they want. They don't need to be raping the maids.

But he gets arrested, and loses his seat, and French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, is installed. She receives wide approval in Chicago, CHICAGO, (you know, where our President is from, and where his former Chief of Staff is now Mayor?) where she used to serve as Chairman for the largest law firm in the city. The very day she is installed, the Maid has problems with her testimony and Kahn is set free. Now, he can run once again against Sarkozy for President of France (who has had a stormy relationship with our President).

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Dinar, along with about 100 other currencies around the world, are revaluing, we just had all the rich and powerful meet for a week in northern Europe (I forget where...I'll never get invited), and now Tim Geithner is rumored to be stepping down (to spend more time with his family, one presumes) He, of course, has been intricately involved in the revaluation of currency conversations around the world.

I wonder what's really going on?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Take Your Liberals Friends' Kids to the Parade!

"Democratic political candidates can skip this weekend's July 4th parades. A new Harvard University study finds that July 4th parades energize only Republicans, turn kids into Republicans, and help to boost the GOP turnout of adults on Election Day.

"Fourth of July celebrations in the United States shape the nation's political landscape by forming beliefs and increasing participation, primarily in favor of the Republican Party," said the report from Harvard. [See political cartoons about the 2012 GOP field.]

"The political right has been more successful in appropriating American patriotism and its symbols during the 20th century. Survey evidence also confirms that Republicans consider themselves more patriotic than Democrats. According to this interpretation, there is a political congruence between the patriotism promoted on Fourth of July and the values associated with the Republican party. Fourth of July celebrations in Republican dominated counties may thus be more politically biased events that socialize children into Republicans," write Harvard Kennedy School Assistant Professor David Yanagizawa-Drott and Bocconi University Assistant Professor Andreas Madestam. [Enjoy political cartoons about President Obama.]

Their findings also suggest that Democrats gain nothing from July 4th parades, likely a shocking result for all the Democratic politicians who march in them..." (Read the full story here) (*emphasis mine)

I'm a little at a loss here to expand on this. I mean the study kinda says it all, right? Everything we say and get scolded for. (As a group) We are more patriotic. We do love our country more. We do feel more affection toward the flag. We do revere the troops. We don't think Patriotism is an antiquated idea that should be replaced with a global appreciation... And we will miss Glenn Beck at 5pm.

That being said, though I do take my kids, I kinda hate parades.

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