Friday, June 24, 2011

Politics of the Military

Lately I have noticed that almost all of the active military and veterans I meet that are women...are also liberal (or say they're liberal...could they really be liberal and serve their country by going to war?).

I did a little reading last night and saw that there has been a shift away from most (65% -75%) troops being registered Republicans as they historically were. I am wondering if this shift is mainly due to the women?

I have been told that most military members have similar (or "Typical") personality makeups when taking the Myers-Briggs. They are often times ESTJ. Basically orderly, conservative, rule-oriented joiners. I wonder what the women are scoring?

I would assume that most Democrats that would enlist are moderates, but the women seem to label themselves as liberal. But wouldn't liberals hate them as much as they hate any Conservative male military member?

I am not making any pronouncements...just wondering out loud...

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