Monday, June 27, 2011

Michele Bachmann...Your Thoughts?

Michele Bachmann is set to formally announce her bid for the Presidency this morning in Iowa. Bachmann is a three-term Congresswoman, so we have a record of her votes (and there's more meat there than just stating 'present').

It's been said over and over by the MSM that she "appeals to the social conservatives" and that she's an "outspoken Tea Party member/supporter." These things are dirty words with the MSM. She probably scares them as much as Palin does. Watch for her to be torn apart by the harpies (and not just the gals on The View) over the next couple of weeks.

I never know where to put myself when people talk about socially conservative or socially liberal. I am 100% against abortion, but I am an advocate of drug legalization and equal rights under the law for gay couples in the form of civil unions. Though personally, I hold the belief that 'traditional values' creates healthy families.

I digress...

On paper she looks GREAT. She's vehemently pro-life, pro-small business, and pro-free market. She's against re-instituting the Fairness Doctrine and net neutrality. She's for limiting new taxes and cutting existing taxes to grow small business and jobs. (You can view her voting record here on Michele Bachmann: On the Issues)

Though, there are some negatives. She was for DOMA (which, in my eyes, goes against the Libertarian spirit of the Tea Party). And I'm not sure how vetted she's been... What will the MSM dig up on her? Will she be the Christine O'Donnell of this election cycle. I hope not. So far, all I could find was a list of 10 "crazy quotes" that many of the Lefty sites are posting. None of them are that bad, many are from 4+ years ago and all taken out of context. If this is the worst they've got, I think she'll fare just fine. So, aside from DOMA, I think I like her.

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