Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Illegals' Will to Work

Guest Post from Alix In Wunderland:

So, I recall Free0352 defending vigorously illegal amnesty, and honestly, I'm on the proverbial border fence about it.

Logically, and practically, it makes sense, as the work is being done. However, the drain on the tax system (and Free would no doubt skewer me on that topic) has been considerable, and we've gotten a fair amount of extra crime as a side benefit. Now, of course, it's a moot point in Georgia, thanks to tougher, new immigration policy.

But this article is a damning and embarrassing support to Free's argument...entitlement mentality trumped by the sheer will to work, effectively beating us at our own game. So, I ask, what are we going do when the rubber meets the road, because this is NOT going to work.

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