Monday, May 02, 2011

Let Us Count the Ways...

...that GWB would have been criticized by those that are singing Obama's praises for taking down Bin Laden in the manner we are being told it happened.

I really didn't want to get partisan in the light of this good news, but the more snarky the FB comments became the more I started thinking about how this news would be received if it were the Bush Administration delivering it.

So, I'll start:

1) How was this information gleaned? Was torture, rendition or waterboarding used to get this intelligence? You monster, he was only a figurehead!

2) You really expect us to believe you "buried him at sea" with nothing to prove it but your word yet you sent troops in instead of using a hellfire missile because you were afraid people wouldn't believe you? He has a right to a fair trial but you had a murderous navy SEAL take the law into his own hands!

3) Were these 40 SEALS and CIA operatives put in harm's way for a giant PR stunt to boost your reelection chances? Why wait until now?

4) You just created a recruiting tool for al Qaeda by not giving him a proper Islamic burial.

5) You created an enemy of Pakistan, a sovereign nation that is a nuclear power, by going in and carrying out this mission without their consent. What if a foreign country did that in America?

This is what I came up with so far... I'm sure they'd be a cavalcade of other accusations should it have been Bush that made this announcement.

Like I said, I really don't want to poke and bicker across the aisle...but all the dove's boasting hawks talons are beginning to unnerve me.

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