Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Government Can't Raise Your Kids

In California, parents want a new law that 'would allow parents ultimate control over their kids' Facebook pages, including the right to demand the company erase certain content or even delete the whole page within 48 hours of the request.'

I have no problem with parent's doing any of those problem is with parents asking for a LAW to do them. It is not the government's or Facebook's responsibility to parent your's YOURS.

In order to use Facebook my son must have me as a friend and give me his password. He knows I have every right to go in and look at any time or can ask him to take something down that I don't deem appropriate.

This article has a different take --it says parents should just trust kids (ha!) and not worry about their Facebook at all. The premise is that the kid will create a fake identity and then you won't know he/she even has one. Ahh, the many splendorous benefit of being a computer-literate parent...

The cyber world is a whole new ballgame ---this isn't 1973 and I'm reading my kid's diary. There are savvy predators out there and serious consequences for hastily typed I disagree with that author. Tweens and Teens use less than 10% of their reasoning skills. They need parents to help them navigate whether they realize it or not.

Parents NEED to be proactive...but the Government should have nothing to do with it.

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