Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Can't I Keep a Man?

On the blog that is.

In 'real life' I am a long-term, monogamous relationship type of girl. I've never 'just dated.' But here? I've gone through FOUR blogmates in seven years. Oh sure, they all had good reasons to leave me. Russ from Winterset became a dad and inherited a farm. Brian rightly needed to put all his attention on an ill family member. Dr. Tony also became a dad and had way too much on his plate to begin with. And Mo redeployed from Iraq to resume his life (so happy about that!).

I was going to keep this on the DL, but Lefty Jones has promised some help when he can manage to pull himself from his granola and patchouli farm...I'm not holding my breath though.

Maybe if I want staying power, I should try recruiting a WOMAN this time... ;)

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