Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea and Hockey at 3?

Each playoff game attendee in Philadelphia gets a t-shirt. It makes for a nice sea of orange in the home game TV shots (I don't know if this is something every team does because the crowds elsewhere never seem to look as uniform as they do here in Philly). We have had 'Orange Crush' 'Seek and Destroy' 'Broad Street Believing' 'Don't stop believing' and 'With all of our will -We will' (among many others).

This series is against the BOSTON Bruins. Today, at a local restaurant that's on the Delaware River, there is a Flyers rally where they are dumping Boston Tea. The New shirt says 'Philadelphia Tea Party.'

You remember from a post last week that Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snyder helped finance the movie Atlas Shrugged. I'm sure this clever play on history, the rivalry and a little politics isn't a total coincidence... And some of the Philly faithful are pissed about this shirt...

Let's be real here. Hockey is a Republican sport. It's rough. There's a definitive winner and loser. It makes men instead of emasculating them. If they don't like it they should shave their legs and ride a bike or sign up for hot yoga? Those are their sports...

I'm glad a lot of people are pissed about this game's give means I should have no trouble getting one on ebay after today's game.

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins today at 3pm EST on NBC.

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