Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quarterfinals: GAME 7!!!

God, I love, love, love playoff hockey. Though, this year, I have to say I'm a little suspect that all the series seem to be going to game 7 (especially once I figured out the math and realized the NHL makes over 3 Million per playoff game...hmmm...)

So, the B's are still in it (Court and Sully are happy about that I'm sure) and hopefully the Preds will handily take out the Wings Sorry free and Swede)... The Kings got knocked out last night, but after a really good effort...think Jonathan Quick wants to move to the city of Brotherly Love? (Was actually feeling for you last night Jpck...OT elimination sucks!)

So OUR Game 7 is tonight. The morning coffee has been drank in the special game day Flyers mug. The lucky Giroux grilled cheese will be made. The jerseys are being worn. The fingers are crossed. Boosh is in the net.

Because of our will...we will!

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