Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Politics of Parenting...

A week or so ago my 12 year old and I were at a Philadelphia Flyers / Washington Capitals game (12th row center ice -thanks dad!) and one of the season ticket holders in front of us was introducing his son to another guy in their row. The kid was college age and sporting an Alexander Ovetchkin jersey. His dad is a season ticket holder. For the Flyers. In the first 10 rows center ice. "Now that's just bad parenting," I said to them all. Everyone laughed and my son melted into the seat. But really, what's up with that?

That got me to thinking about Meaghan McCain, Barbara Bush and my two youngest brothers. How can children be raised in a house for 18+ years with certain morals and ideological beliefs and then in adulthood reverse those views so drastically?

My brothers were raised in the Operation Rescue era. Saw the real aborted fetuses. Are both intelligent enough to know it is indeed a baby and not 'fetal waste' YET they are both pro-choice now? Both voted for Obama.

Is this just the law of averages--or did my parents have their beliefs without fully vetting them with their offspring? I'm not trying to put my parents on the chopping block here --just wondering out loud how two of their fold went so willingly to the dark side...?

So, as heartbroken as I would be if any of my three every started rooting for the Penguins...I'd be much more morose should they ever pull a lever for a liberal. I'd like to figure out now how I can avoid either happening.

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