Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is It All In A Name?

"Moms who have given their kids uncommon names — names held by less than one in 10,000 Americans — tend to be more liberal. Nearly half of all children have uncommon names (names at least as rare as Ray, Camron, Sky, Isis, and Jarrod). And a substantial majority — 58% — of those kids are the children of liberal mothers."

My kids have relatively uncommon names. I actually cringe at the whole Big Matt, Little Matt...Young Matt, Old Matt...Matt and Matty thing. There was no chance of a junior (or a name found in the top 50 on the Social Security website) in my brood.

I bring this up because, according to an article my sister-in-law brought my attention to, "common names" are part of the Conservative modus operandi and uncommon names the liberal purview... The article says Xavier is one of the most liberal names. My oldest's middle name is Xavier. My oldest's first name would be Xavier if 99% of the country didn't pronounce it wrong (I didn't want to spend my whole life saying, "Do you say EX-ylophone?") I had thought about my name choices in a socio-economic context as prompted by Freakonomics, but never in a political framework.

"Notably, Reagan (usually a girl’s name), is the most conservative among the top 250 names Circle of Moms’ mothers have given to their kids: 89% of mothers of children named Reagan identify themselves as conservative or Republican.

On the other side of the coin, Kennedy — also usually a girl’s name — stands as the #11 most liberal name, with 67% of “moms of Kennedy” identifying themselves as liberal or Democratic."

Though I would have like Reagan for a girl and did have it on the short list, it also has the Exorcist association which ruins it a bit...

"Conservative" Names: Reagan, Sarah, Rachael, Rebecca, Hannah, Emily, Jessica, Lauren, Madison, Emma, Samantha, Ashley, Taylor, Olivia, Colton, Scott, Matthew, Andrew, Jacob, Noah, Joshua, Ryan, Tyler, Ethan, Michael, and Christopher.

"Liberal" Names: Jada, Maya, and Jasmine; for boys, the most liberal names after Jaden are Xavier and Julian.

I wouldn't consider Colton a 'common name,' at least not in this part of the country. Do you give any credence to this data? Where do your kids fit in?

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