Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Should Work for ESPN

My quarterfinal predictions were 100%. The predictions by the ESPN 'professionals' were nowhere near that level of perfection...Not even one got both conferences right. Hey ESPN, you all got beat by a GIRL! :)

So, now we know that it'll be my boys against the B's. First game Saturday at 3pm.

I was thrilled to see the Blackhawks, Penguins and the stinkin' Habs suffer the humiliation of a first round elimination. Timmy Thomas and the Bruins will be a worthy opponent. We're the better team, but they'll be looking for paybacks for last year. It will be a great series!

Here are my semi-final predictions:

In the Eastern Conference:
Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins

(*I am glad we are not playing Tampa -the curse of the Simone Gagne trade and all...)

In the Western Conference:
Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators
Detroit Redwings vs San Jose Sharks

Time to crush the B's on Broad Street!

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