Thursday, April 28, 2011

BirtherGate Over?

He was born in the USA.

BirtherGate was cultivated and fed by the Obama Administration, but Trump forced their hand.

Now Whoopie is admittedly playing the race card.

Aside from the simple fact that Obama LOVED people questioning his birth certificate, I think the questioning the birth certificate cast aspersions on his mother...not him. And she's white. So, sorry Whoopie...race card not applicable. Obama would have had no say or sway over his origin of birth. It's his mother --that type that would never be attracted to a white man because he's the world's oppressor. That would love her child to be born in a third world country and not in the evil United States. That chick. Like Kay, but real. Imagine Kay gave birth to the future President of the United States. Scary? It happened!

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