Monday, April 18, 2011

Atlas Shrugged

I bought one of these this time last year for a Tea Party --I can only assume the release of Atlas Shrugged (the movie) will drive sales of Ayn Rand related items...

What you might not know is... (I'm dying for Free and Jpck to hear this)...Ed Snider was a contributor to this movie. That he owned the rights to Ayn Rands' book, started the Ayn Rand Institute and actually met her...

Who is Ed Snider you ask? Oh, just the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers. The same Ed Snider that asked Sarah Palin to come drop an opening puck during the 2008 Presidential campaign (pretty ballsy in a union city like Philly!) Could I have even conceived of a better owner for my favorite franchise?!

Here is a great speech Mr. Snider gave about Ayn Rand (Part II)(which includes an actual letter from Ayn Rand and her addressing the accusation of fascism).

(And now I know it's not ANN but pronounced I-ON.)

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