Wednesday, April 06, 2011

2012, Seriously.

With everything that is going on right now...

GITMO open.
Still in Iraq.
Still in Afghanistan.
THIRD war started.
Gas prices.
Economy (food prices!).
Eric Holder.

...the Republican party would be remiss in squandering this opportunity. As things stand now, this election will be ours to lose.

I'm worried that no one has wowed me.

I wish Sarah Palin would hire a dialect coach. I don't think I wouldn't run for National Office with my Philly accent in tow...

If we could morph Palin and Trump together...I think we'd have our candidate.

Obama's new website has this graffic to put on your Facebook page--

So, a friend of a friend posted it. This guy is a proud 'Rules for radicals' kinda guy. I'm guessing the more he looked at this blue block touting his unconditional support this far out started to eat at him --and he wrote this under it:

"You know though, I'm not really in. Not yet. I'm deeply disappointed in a lot of decisions the President has made. I hate all the attitude he's fired off at the base. I'm deeply concerned about his hiring of corporate tools for both the campaign and to run the White House. I'm probably mostly going to be sitting the national one and focusing on local and state stuff, and of course building infrastructure. I don't know what else to do."

And then made this alternative:

They're disgruntled! Please GOP, don't squander this lead!

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