Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea and Hockey at 3?

Each playoff game attendee in Philadelphia gets a t-shirt. It makes for a nice sea of orange in the home game TV shots (I don't know if this is something every team does because the crowds elsewhere never seem to look as uniform as they do here in Philly). We have had 'Orange Crush' 'Seek and Destroy' 'Broad Street Believing' 'Don't stop believing' and 'With all of our will -We will' (among many others).

This series is against the BOSTON Bruins. Today, at a local restaurant that's on the Delaware River, there is a Flyers rally where they are dumping Boston Tea. The New shirt says 'Philadelphia Tea Party.'

You remember from a post last week that Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snyder helped finance the movie Atlas Shrugged. I'm sure this clever play on history, the rivalry and a little politics isn't a total coincidence... And some of the Philly faithful are pissed about this shirt...

Let's be real here. Hockey is a Republican sport. It's rough. There's a definitive winner and loser. It makes men instead of emasculating them. If they don't like it they should shave their legs and ride a bike or sign up for hot yoga? Those are their sports...

I'm glad a lot of people are pissed about this game's give means I should have no trouble getting one on ebay after today's game.

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins today at 3pm EST on NBC.

Friday, April 29, 2011

So Much for Embracing "New Media"

As you may know, one of my big complaints with the GOP is that they haven't utilized 'new media' the way the Democrats have. Specifically the Obama administration that seemed to embrace both Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. (He and I have the same phone...)

But now it seems that relationship with new media might be one sided --and the administration only embraces it when they can control it...

"The hip, transparent and social media-loving Obama administration is showing its analog roots. And maybe even some hypocrisy highlights.

White House officials have banished one of the best political reporters in the country from the approved pool of journalists covering presidential visits to the Bay Area for using now-standard multimedia tools to gather the news.

The Chronicle's Carla Marinucci - who, like many contemporary reporters, has a phone with video capabilities on her at all times - pulled out a small video camera last week and shot some protesters interrupting an Obama fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel.

She was part of a "print pool" - a limited number of journalists at an event who represent their bigger hoard colleagues - which White House press officials still refer to quaintly as "pen and pad" reporting.

But that's a pretty Flintstones concept of journalism for an administration that presents itself as the Jetsons. Video is every bit a part of any journalist's tool kit these days as a functioning pen that doesn't leak through your pocket..." (Read the whole story)

I do hope the next GOP candidate (not Huckabee or Romney btw) uses the not-so-new-anymore media to its fullest capacity...

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

BirtherGate Over?

He was born in the USA.

BirtherGate was cultivated and fed by the Obama Administration, but Trump forced their hand.

Now Whoopie is admittedly playing the race card.

Aside from the simple fact that Obama LOVED people questioning his birth certificate, I think the questioning the birth certificate cast aspersions on his mother...not him. And she's white. So, sorry Whoopie...race card not applicable. Obama would have had no say or sway over his origin of birth. It's his mother --that type that would never be attracted to a white man because he's the world's oppressor. That would love her child to be born in a third world country and not in the evil United States. That chick. Like Kay, but real. Imagine Kay gave birth to the future President of the United States. Scary? It happened!

I Should Work for ESPN

My quarterfinal predictions were 100%. The predictions by the ESPN 'professionals' were nowhere near that level of perfection...Not even one got both conferences right. Hey ESPN, you all got beat by a GIRL! :)

So, now we know that it'll be my boys against the B's. First game Saturday at 3pm.

I was thrilled to see the Blackhawks, Penguins and the stinkin' Habs suffer the humiliation of a first round elimination. Timmy Thomas and the Bruins will be a worthy opponent. We're the better team, but they'll be looking for paybacks for last year. It will be a great series!

Here are my semi-final predictions:

In the Eastern Conference:
Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins

(*I am glad we are not playing Tampa -the curse of the Simone Gagne trade and all...)

In the Western Conference:
Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators
Detroit Redwings vs San Jose Sharks

Time to crush the B's on Broad Street!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"The Common"

I have to read more about this movement and wrap my head around this a little bit...but I wanted to put it out there. On initial read, it seems like the preoccupation of rich kids that had the luxury to think about this while they lived on mom and dad's dime... but in the next few days I'll be reading about this 'common revolution.'

51 (Mostly) Simple Ways to Spark a Commons Revolution

Is this truly just about common spaces, or a political movement based on erasing the concept of private property?

Is It All In A Name?

"Moms who have given their kids uncommon names — names held by less than one in 10,000 Americans — tend to be more liberal. Nearly half of all children have uncommon names (names at least as rare as Ray, Camron, Sky, Isis, and Jarrod). And a substantial majority — 58% — of those kids are the children of liberal mothers."

My kids have relatively uncommon names. I actually cringe at the whole Big Matt, Little Matt...Young Matt, Old Matt...Matt and Matty thing. There was no chance of a junior (or a name found in the top 50 on the Social Security website) in my brood.

I bring this up because, according to an article my sister-in-law brought my attention to, "common names" are part of the Conservative modus operandi and uncommon names the liberal purview... The article says Xavier is one of the most liberal names. My oldest's middle name is Xavier. My oldest's first name would be Xavier if 99% of the country didn't pronounce it wrong (I didn't want to spend my whole life saying, "Do you say EX-ylophone?") I had thought about my name choices in a socio-economic context as prompted by Freakonomics, but never in a political framework.

"Notably, Reagan (usually a girl’s name), is the most conservative among the top 250 names Circle of Moms’ mothers have given to their kids: 89% of mothers of children named Reagan identify themselves as conservative or Republican.

On the other side of the coin, Kennedy — also usually a girl’s name — stands as the #11 most liberal name, with 67% of “moms of Kennedy” identifying themselves as liberal or Democratic."

Though I would have like Reagan for a girl and did have it on the short list, it also has the Exorcist association which ruins it a bit...

"Conservative" Names: Reagan, Sarah, Rachael, Rebecca, Hannah, Emily, Jessica, Lauren, Madison, Emma, Samantha, Ashley, Taylor, Olivia, Colton, Scott, Matthew, Andrew, Jacob, Noah, Joshua, Ryan, Tyler, Ethan, Michael, and Christopher.

"Liberal" Names: Jada, Maya, and Jasmine; for boys, the most liberal names after Jaden are Xavier and Julian.

I wouldn't consider Colton a 'common name,' at least not in this part of the country. Do you give any credence to this data? Where do your kids fit in?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Can't Logic Ever Prevail?

For someone like me that believes in a very limited role of government and entitlements that are few and far between...the WASTE irks me much more than the welfare.

It's a shame that we can't cut all the waste and see where that leaves us economically as a country. The sex changes for prisoners, the bridges to nowhere and airports for no one, the initiatives to promote the mating of the western bull weevil or the $450,000 for five Navy F-18s to fly over the closed roof of Cowboys Stadium....WHY?!

This morning, as I tried to enjoy my morning coffee, I was feeling sick as I read about this:

"Taxpayers in NY may pay $800,000 to give a life-saving heart transplant to 55 year old Kenneth Pike, an upstate rapist whose crime of incest was so "grotesquely criminal" that a prosecutor said he should "rot in prison."

As we all argue over defunding NPR, Planned Parenthood and Medicare...couldn't we be agreeing on cutting ALL THE BLATANT WASTE first...or is that much too logical for our leaders?

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Quarterfinals: GAME 7!!!

God, I love, love, love playoff hockey. Though, this year, I have to say I'm a little suspect that all the series seem to be going to game 7 (especially once I figured out the math and realized the NHL makes over 3 Million per playoff game...hmmm...)

So, the B's are still in it (Court and Sully are happy about that I'm sure) and hopefully the Preds will handily take out the Wings Sorry free and Swede)... The Kings got knocked out last night, but after a really good effort...think Jonathan Quick wants to move to the city of Brotherly Love? (Was actually feeling for you last night Jpck...OT elimination sucks!)

So OUR Game 7 is tonight. The morning coffee has been drank in the special game day Flyers mug. The lucky Giroux grilled cheese will be made. The jerseys are being worn. The fingers are crossed. Boosh is in the net.

Because of our will...we will!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest From the Left: J. Marquis

This is the Speech We Needed to Hear

The president has drawn a line in the you want to
protect the poor and middle class in this country or hand
even more money over to the millionaires and billionaires?

"President Obama, Reinvigorated
The man America elected president has re-emerged.
For months, the original President Obama had disappeared behind mushy compromises and dimly seen principles. But on Wednesday, he used his budget speech to clearly distance himself from Republican plans to heap tax benefits on the rich while casting adrift the nation’s poor, elderly and unemployed. Instead of adapting the themes of the right to his own uses, he set out a very different vision of an America that keeps its promises to the weak and asks for sacrifice from the strong." (source

(You can read J.Marquis daily at: Major Conflict)

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Game 5!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will The Next GOP Nominee Please Stand Up

Last week's Gallup poll showed Obama's approval rating at a low 41% approval, but worse than that...his approval rating among independents is only 35%. On top of that a Real Clear Politics poll showed Obama's "disapproval rating across several major polls of nearly 50 percent."

Then this week, a WashPo poll revealed that "a margin of 44 to 28, US voters believe the economy is getting worse under Obama, with 46 percent strongly disapproving of the president’s handling of the issue compared to just 23 percent who strongly approve. 78 percent of Americans feel inflation is getting worse, with 71 percent agreeing that the recent increase in gasoline prices has caused financial hardship for themselves or their household."

But worse than that for the Obama administration is "just 28 percent of Americans now say they will “definitely vote” for his re-election in 2012, compared to a far larger 45 percent who “definitely will not.” (source)

Now take all those statistics and the implications of that math and couple it with the fact that Swift Boat author Jerome Corsi is set to release a book that claims to expose the findings of "years of research and digging by the nation's top private investigators" about Obama.

The book, "WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President" is not due to be released for another month (May 17th), yet it's number One on Amazon's best seller list (and has been for 2 days).

I guess it's a good thing the Obama's don't believe in would be tough to have a joyous Easter in the midst of all this news...

But my question is where is OUR perfect candidate to take advantage of the fact that Americans finally realize that they were hornswoggled into false hope and bullshit change?

I'll repost what I'm looking for in 2012:

You can't just vote AGAINST have to be voting FOR someone. WHERE IS OUR SOMEONE?!

How about instead of Kelly LeBrock, we create the next leader of the free world:

To look like him:

With his brain:

His balls:

Her accessibility:

His military background:

His oration:

Her fortitude:

And, his humor:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Can't I Keep a Man?

On the blog that is.

In 'real life' I am a long-term, monogamous relationship type of girl. I've never 'just dated.' But here? I've gone through FOUR blogmates in seven years. Oh sure, they all had good reasons to leave me. Russ from Winterset became a dad and inherited a farm. Brian rightly needed to put all his attention on an ill family member. Dr. Tony also became a dad and had way too much on his plate to begin with. And Mo redeployed from Iraq to resume his life (so happy about that!).

I was going to keep this on the DL, but Lefty Jones has promised some help when he can manage to pull himself from his granola and patchouli farm...I'm not holding my breath though.

Maybe if I want staying power, I should try recruiting a WOMAN this time... ;)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

da Rules

H/T to Sully for this one (all of the Bruins Hockey Rules are good, but this is my favorite)

I am pulling for the Bruins to come back and just defeat (and humiliate) the Habs...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Atlas Shrugged

I bought one of these this time last year for a Tea Party --I can only assume the release of Atlas Shrugged (the movie) will drive sales of Ayn Rand related items...

What you might not know is... (I'm dying for Free and Jpck to hear this)...Ed Snider was a contributor to this movie. That he owned the rights to Ayn Rands' book, started the Ayn Rand Institute and actually met her...

Who is Ed Snider you ask? Oh, just the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers. The same Ed Snider that asked Sarah Palin to come drop an opening puck during the 2008 Presidential campaign (pretty ballsy in a union city like Philly!) Could I have even conceived of a better owner for my favorite franchise?!

Here is a great speech Mr. Snider gave about Ayn Rand (Part II)(which includes an actual letter from Ayn Rand and her addressing the accusation of fascism).

(And now I know it's not ANN but pronounced I-ON.)

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Friday, April 15, 2011

What Entitlements Do We Continue to Fund?

Though I am suspect of the venue (why preach to the choir), this HuffPo article raised some interesting points. I don't necessarily agree, but it did get me thinking...

A Conservative Case for Public Broadcasting

"As a fiscal conservative but a social libertarian, I can see plenty of reason to put a stop to taxpayer-financed radio and television. The libertarian in me instinctively fears government-supported media: doesn't that just lead to political capture? The fiscal conservative in me wonders why we should waste taxpayer dollars on PBS, with today's superabundance of media outlets. And the capitalist in me loves the innovation and diversity generated by a wide-open, unsubsidized, competitive media marketplace.

But the realist in me -- the one that actually listens to both commercial and public media -- sees something different. Today, public broadcasting offers far more important and thoughtful programming, and is far less politically biased, than its commercial counterparts.

Why would public and commercial media be so different? It mostly comes down to the incentives that drive the two." (source)

Then there's Planned Parenthood. Are the people griping about Republicans wanting to defund PP and extolling all of the free birth control and cancer screening really that blind to the real issue --or do they just think they can distract the general public from thinking about it. Sure Natalie Portman, we'll gladly continue to fund PP is they no longer perform abortions... Is it that hard to understand that having the public pay for abortions when 73% of them are opposed to it --is grossly unjust. And don't say 'it's legal' --nose jobs are legal too, but I don't see Uncle Sam helping me out there!

...Maybe I can get LeftyJones to tackle this issue in a guest post from the left.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally, A Democrat States the Obvious!

Since 9/11 first brought Islam under the microscope, many Conservative women (myself included) have been calling on prominent 'feminists' to call out the Muslim religion/culture for its sub par treatment of women. There have been small caveats here and there...but always with qualifiers and justifications...

Well, bravo to Hillary Clinton for finally saying what should have been said 10 years ago. But, hey, better late than never right...? Of course, I think it could have been a bit more forceful, but it's a start and I applaud her for it:

"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton decried the marginalization of women in the Islamic world Tuesday night, calling women’s empowerment key to true democracy in the Middle East.

Mrs. Clinton made the remarks in a wide-ranging speech at the 2011 U.S.-Islamic World Forum. She noted “troubling signs regarding the rights and opportunities of women” in Egypt and Tunisia following their recent revolutions.

“So far, women have been excluded from key transitional decision-making processes,” Mrs. Clinton said. “When women marched through Tahrir Square to celebrate International Women's Day in their new democracy, they were met by harassment and abuse.”

“You can’t claim to have a democracy if half the population is silenced,” she added." (source)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Morning in Times Square...

Bernie Parent, Bob Kelley, Derian Hatcher and Ian Laperrière (Lappy!) dropped the puck marking the start of the playoffs and rang the opening bell at NASDAQ. Flyers scenes and quotes scrolled on the big screen in Times Square all morning. How annoyed were Rangers' fans!? :)

Look But Don't Touch

Last month I posted the story about staring at women's breasts being good for men's hearts and entitled it My Gift to Male Readers.

This could be viewed as the second installment to that series, though technically, this one is for men and women:

The Case for Letting Your Partner's Eye Wander

"Just ask Eve. There's nothing so desirable as the one thing you're not allowed to have. Which is why a new study suggests that if your partner's got a wandering eye, you might be better off letting him (or her) enjoy it.

Research on romance has consistently shown that men and women who don't notice attractive strangers tend to be more satisfied in their own relationships and are more likely to stay with their partners long term. Of course, that blindness has to come naturally. When a person is forced to divert his attention from that cute bartender — by, say, a jealous partner's opprobrium — it could result in a sort of "backlash" effect, which may end up reducing his level of relationship commitment..." source).

Marriage and jealousy is such a tricky subject... Too jealous is obviously bad and can kill a relationship quickly, but not jealous at all can be a warning sign too.
My small piece of advice gleaned from 14 years of marriage? There's enough to worry about with all the "real threats" out there and you girls (and you know who you are) that actually get mad wen your man has celebrity or Victoria's Secret crushes...really? You think even if he met Carmen Electra, she would want your broke ass man? Let him have the fantasy --what can it hurt? And the reverse is true for you men who don't allow your women to express these harmless crushes...who cares if she thinks Beckham is hot? That doesn't diminish her feelings for you. There is enough to navigate out there without creating these meaningless fights and jealousies...

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Crazies Are Taking Over

Three stories that really make you wonder... First, most bizarre and such a sad commentary on those educating our children:
Between negotiating for more benefits and teaching their students, the California Federation of Teachers has adopted a resolution of support for convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.
They are calling this a civil liberties issue (apparently not Daniel Faulkner's civil liberties...), and Mumia a Civil rights activist! I've said this before, but my youngest brother is a left as you can get...and when he read all the info on Mumia (transcripts, court docs, etc.) he declared his guilt with 100% certainty...

Teachers exalting a cop killer...ugh.

(*Pictured: Maureen Faulkner -widowed by Mumia Abdul Jamar- and I)

Then we have this one from Chicago (go figure):
School bans kids from bringing homemade lunches.

This principle is actually taking the choice from parents by will. In addition to this school attempting to usurp parental decision making --school lunch costs $2.35/day and you can pack a PB&J, an apple and some pretzels for about $1.25/day.

And this one if a few weeks old, but a subject that will only become more prevalent:

Peanut Sniffing dogs and mandatory mouthwash stations in a Florida elementary school

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is...what about the kids with dog allergies?

But, I came across this information about a previous court ruling that I might just have to pass on to my kids' principle:

"Treating severe peanut allergy as a disability subject to legal protection is a doubtful stance. Edgewater Elementary's position that the girl's peanut allergy is so severe as to constitute a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act is undercut by an 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. An ADA disability requires a physical impairment that substantially limits major life activities. The 8th Cir. decided that a life-threatening peanut allergy was not a disability in Land v. Baptist Medical Center, because it didn't substantially limit the allergic child's major life activities. The court noted that the child was able to consume a wide variety of foods and breathe normally when not undergoing an allergic reaction. While the 8th Cir. ruling would not be binding (Florida is in the 11th Cir.), a federal court in Florida faced with deciding whether peanut allergy warrants legal protection would likely give the ruling some deference. Even if a court concluded the peanut allergy met the definition of disability, Edgewater's onerous restrictions would likely fail. It's the school that's required to make accommodations- not classmates and their families- and then only reasonable ones. Normally, accommodations include things like assistive technology, elevator passes, removal of test-taking time limits and other arrangements between the school and the disabled student. Edgewater Elementary shifted any burden it may have to third parties. The non-disabled classmates are required to refrain from bringing peanut products into school, required to undergo mandatory mouth and hand washes and dog-sniffing inspections." (source)

Monday, April 11, 2011

NHL Playoff Matchups

In the Eastern Conference:
Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers
Philadelphia Flyers vs. Buffalo Sabres
Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens
Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

And in the West:
Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks
San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings
Detroit Red Wings vs. Phoenix Coyotes
Anaheim Ducks vs. Nashville Predators

Predictions? Mine are bolded. (I'm stumped on the Bruins/Habs series...but it'll be a good one --arguably the two best goalies in the league)

I say Vancouver vs. Philadelphia in the finals and I can't venture further until I see how Bobs does under the playoff pressure...

Let the post season hockey begin!!!

Free0352 Reflects on 6 Years of Blogging

On April 10, 2005...

On this date in 2005 at Colby Buzzel's blog MY WAR I began blogging. Since then, I've written for many other blogs most notably Blonde Sagacity, and IMAO. I wondered what I've learned over the years, so I decided to take stock- here we go.


1. Supply-and-demand solves countless mysteries of the world - everything from rent control to road congestion.

2. Almost anyone can understand supply-and-demand if they calmly listen. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true.

3. Poverty is over rated in America, a country which produces more rich people than any other country, and economic growth, not redistribution, is the cure for those at the bottom of the ladder. If you run into a person who thinks otherwise, you know right there you're arguing with a brainwashed idiot who can't or won't listen to reason, facts, or data. Math likely mystifies them.

4. The proximate causes of unemployment are labor market regulation and workers' misguided beliefs about fairness. But the fundamental cause of unemployment is excessive wages.

5. Free competition is far superior to "perfect" competition.

6. Governments with fiat money have near-absolute power over nominal GDP, but much less over real GDP or employment.

7. Moral hazard and adverse selection are largely the product of - not a rationale for - regulation of insurance.

8. Import/Export restrictions are a fruitless crime - and do more harm than all other government regulations combined.

9. Communism was a disaster because of bad incentives, not lack of incentives.

10. The last two centuries of rising population and prosperity should fill us with awe - and the best is yet to come.


1. The greatest philosophical mistake is to demand proof for the obvious.

2. The second greatest philosophical mistake is to try to prove the obvious.

3. If you can't explain your position clearly in simple language, you probably don't understand it yourself.

4. When possible, resolve debates about "what's obvious" by betting, not talking.

5. When in doubt, steal other people's ideas.

6. Talking about morality if there are no moral facts is like talking about unicorns if there aren't any unicorns.

7. There are moral facts.

8. Productive moral arguments begin with clear-cut simple cases, not one-sentence moral theories condensed into mindless slogans.

9. Violence and theft are presumptively wrong, and calling yourself "the government" does nothing to rebut these presumptions.

10. Call people on the use of mindless slogans.

11. Sarcasm and mockery is the ultimate weapon.


1. Voters are irrational. So is believing otherwise.

2. Government isn't a solution to problems; it's the best example of the problem.

3. The main output of government isn't "public goods," but private goods that people pretend to want much more than they really do. See Social Security and Medicare.

4. People rarely make the the most internally consistent argument for government action: paternalism.

5. The realistic path to freer markets isn't "free-market reform," but austerity.

6. Democrats and Republicans are about as different as Catholics and Protestants

7. Before you study public opinion, you wonder why policy isn't far better. After you study public opinion, you wonder why policy isn't far worse.

8. Big reasons why democracy isn't worse: Unequal participation, political slack, and status quo bias.

9. Libertarians are the dhimmis of democracy.

10. Despite everything, life in First World democracies is amazingly good by world and historic standards and will keep getting better. So cheer up.

11. Many so called "liberals" are angry, nihilists who want to destroy Western Democracies because they are filled with jealousy, envy, and the realization they can create nothing... and so they seek to destroy what they cannot make. This is largely subconscious in their minds- they aren't even aware of it.


1. In most of the world, life is cheap and meaningless. Third world cultures have nothing to offer ours. At. All.

2. "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life," is a lie.

3. If you want to win a debate with nothing on the line, attack, attack, attack and your friends will cheer you. If you want to come to an understanding with the other side, be friendly as a matter of policy. Turn the other cheek in the face of ad hominem attacks. It might seem crazy, but it works.

4. Obsessiveness is an powerful solution for physical and social problems. Unfortunately it's also a major cause of emotional problems.

5. Once you're an adult, religious people will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

6. People vary more widely than you think, and base opinions on the most inane things.

7. Selection is the key to social harmony. Surround yourself with true friends who love you just as you are. If you don't see any around, buy a Doberman.

8. Raise your children with kindness and respect. "I'm your parent, not you're friend" is a reason to treat your kids better than their peers do, not worse.

9. Your mind ages at a slower rate than you expect when you're young, your body at a faster rate.

10. Evolutionary psychology is by far the best universal theory of human motivation. Ignore it at your own peril.

(You can read Free daily at John Galt for President)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Let's Riot...I Think Our Military is Burning Bibles!

"U.S. President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday deplored the Quran burning by a pastor in Florida and condemned the attack on a United Nations outpost in Afghanistan that claimed the lives of seven U.N. workers.

Military officials have condemned the Quran burning and attacks. Messrs. Obama and Karzai also condemned the actions. "The two presidents were clear that to attack and kill innocent people is an affront to human decency and dignity," according to the White House summary.

Previous condemnations of the Koran burning by Mr. Obama and other U.S. leaders have done little to placate anger or ease anti-Western sentiments across much of Afghan society." (source)

But wait, before you get too upset at some random pastor down in Florida acting alone to garner attention for his small congregation --Read this article. Yes, on the surface it looks like a condemnation of a few US military chaplains for expressing they should be witnessing to Afghanis on the DL. BUT, read a bit further. The United Stated military burned The Holy Bible...or many, many Holy Bibles? And one little paragraph in some obscure story is all there is?

"A documentary filmmaker was allowed onto Bagram last May to shoot footage of religious sessions involving troops," the Pentagon said. "He recorded a session where a participant displayed Bibles translated into Dari and Pashto that had been sent to him by his church back home. After a discussion of how or if they should be distributed, the chaplain running the service reaffirmed Gen. Order No. 1 and the Bibles were not distributed and were confiscated."

"The Bibles were burned because the rules on the base say that all garbage is burned at the end of the day. But just asking here; if the U.S. Military seized a stack full of Korans, would they be burned? You think that might cause a little outrage in the Muslim world?" (source)

No riots? No dead bodies carried through D.C.? No Muslims hung from bridges? No cheap plastic flip flops being hurled at statues or political leaders? Nothing? This whole living in a country that has entered the 21st century thing really sucks sometimes!

(H/T: Rich)

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Guest From the Left: J. Marquis

More Catfood, Grandma?

Okay, I have to say I'm a little puzzled by what the Republican Party is doing right now.

Last time I checked, we still hold elections in this country and people vote in their own self-interest.

So...the Republicans don't want anything to do with gays. They've made little progress courting the Hispanic community. They've completely lost the blacks. They're practically advocating rounding up all the Muslims. I'm not sure how
they feel about Indian and Asian-Americans.

And now Paul Ryan thinks they should piss off all the senior citizens?

Okay, he didn't come right out and say that. But anybody who takes the time to read what he's proposing for America in the near future will come to that same conclusion.

It will be fascinating to see if the potential GOP presidential candidates try to separate themselves from his plan.

As far as I can tell, this is a huge gift to Obama and the Democrats.

In White House's view, Paul Ryan's plan a weapon for 2012

ALa says: So, you (and the White House) are basically admitting that Paul Ryan (and the republicans by virtue of association) are breaking out of the political stereotypes and proposing something that would actually help the country instead of just helping their reelection chances? That a politician and his party are willing to take a loss for the betterment of the country they serve -- What a bunch of rat bastards!

(You can read J. Marquis daily at: Major Conflict)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

2012, Seriously.

With everything that is going on right now...

GITMO open.
Still in Iraq.
Still in Afghanistan.
THIRD war started.
Gas prices.
Economy (food prices!).
Eric Holder.

...the Republican party would be remiss in squandering this opportunity. As things stand now, this election will be ours to lose.

I'm worried that no one has wowed me.

I wish Sarah Palin would hire a dialect coach. I don't think I wouldn't run for National Office with my Philly accent in tow...

If we could morph Palin and Trump together...I think we'd have our candidate.

Obama's new website has this graffic to put on your Facebook page--

So, a friend of a friend posted it. This guy is a proud 'Rules for radicals' kinda guy. I'm guessing the more he looked at this blue block touting his unconditional support this far out started to eat at him --and he wrote this under it:

"You know though, I'm not really in. Not yet. I'm deeply disappointed in a lot of decisions the President has made. I hate all the attitude he's fired off at the base. I'm deeply concerned about his hiring of corporate tools for both the campaign and to run the White House. I'm probably mostly going to be sitting the national one and focusing on local and state stuff, and of course building infrastructure. I don't know what else to do."

And then made this alternative:

They're disgruntled! Please GOP, don't squander this lead!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Politics of Parenting...

A week or so ago my 12 year old and I were at a Philadelphia Flyers / Washington Capitals game (12th row center ice -thanks dad!) and one of the season ticket holders in front of us was introducing his son to another guy in their row. The kid was college age and sporting an Alexander Ovetchkin jersey. His dad is a season ticket holder. For the Flyers. In the first 10 rows center ice. "Now that's just bad parenting," I said to them all. Everyone laughed and my son melted into the seat. But really, what's up with that?

That got me to thinking about Meaghan McCain, Barbara Bush and my two youngest brothers. How can children be raised in a house for 18+ years with certain morals and ideological beliefs and then in adulthood reverse those views so drastically?

My brothers were raised in the Operation Rescue era. Saw the real aborted fetuses. Are both intelligent enough to know it is indeed a baby and not 'fetal waste' YET they are both pro-choice now? Both voted for Obama.

Is this just the law of averages--or did my parents have their beliefs without fully vetting them with their offspring? I'm not trying to put my parents on the chopping block here --just wondering out loud how two of their fold went so willingly to the dark side...?

So, as heartbroken as I would be if any of my three every started rooting for the Penguins...I'd be much more morose should they ever pull a lever for a liberal. I'd like to figure out now how I can avoid either happening.

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Monday, April 04, 2011

It's Official...Obama is Running Again.

Well, we could hold out HOPE he would recuse himself so we could get some CHANGE, right? No such luck. His 2012 campaign site is officially launched and the first video let loose on YouTube:

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Know of a Military Family(s) in Need?

ABC's reality show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is looking for military families that are in dire need of home makeovers. They have teamed up with the boys over at Ranger Up (another great place to get Tea Party gear):

"In addition to finding military families, Ranger Up will also verify that applicants are truly in need, said company CEO Nick Palmisciano. To be eligible, families must have children and own their home, which cannot be in foreclosure or have a lien against it.

Palmisciano, a West Point graduate, recommended that troops looking for a family to nominate contact their first sergeant.

“First sergeant’s going to be the person who knows best, in every company, who needs the help,” he said.

People who want to apply for a home makeover or nominate someone else can e-mail Ranger Up at (source)

A different kind of show and makeover, but also looking for deserving military recipients:

"Facing Trauma" will follow facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono as he helps reconstruct the faces and lives of people who were wounded in the line of duty during military service, domestic violence, or violent crime.

Do you know of a veteran that could benefit from Dr. Jacono's expertise? Current casting call information

Friday, April 01, 2011

Dear Al Gore,

I realize the 'Global Warming' jokes are getting as old as the 'creating the internet' jokes...

BUT, that being said, I'd like you to know it's SNOWING here in Philadelphia (and has been since 7:15 am) on April Fools Day. Hmmmmm....

Libya, Charlie Rangle, Farrakhan and Transparency

Thank you Charlie Rangle... At least someone on your side of the aisle sees this for what it really is (though, I guess you can finally be honest because you have nothing to lose at this point...)

“The Constitution is clear that when you say that their families back home is going to make this ultimate sacrifice, then you have to have a vote,” Rangel said. “As it is now, it’s very difficult to know except what the president told us as to what authority does he have except other Presidents have done the same thing and I still think other Presidents are wrong for doing it.” “Well, you know if the Congress, if the House of Representatives are the ones to determine whether or not it’s an impeachable offense, there’s a vehicle for to that set up in the Constitution which is much like a grand jury and if they did find that it was impeachable then of course the trial would be in the Senate and so there is a way before we do anything to try to find out where there’s facts that should be investigated. I don’t think there’s enough there to do that because of the nation’s concern,” he said. (SOURCE)

Also, violating UN Security Council Arms Embargoes?

And then there's Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan: Farrakhan reiterated his defense of Moammar Gadhafi on Thursday, calling the embattled Libyan leader a friend and Muslim brother who's lent the movement $8 million over the years.

And though this sounds like an Onion's real: President Obama finally and quietly accepted his “transparency” award from the open government community this week — in a closed, undisclosed meeting at the White House on Monday.

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Tea Party Garb

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