Friday, March 25, 2011

Why the Birther-Gate Debate Continues...

No, not because the birthers are "nutters" or racists. I think the birthers are just wishful thinkers that thought they found an easy solution to getting Obama out before he could work his socialist magic on the country. So, there's them.

Then there are the Obama faithful that blindly discredit anything even remotely anti-Obama and support him regardless of what the facts say.

That leaves the rest of the people invested in this debate. The ones that have a modicum of common sense. The ones that say, 'ya know, the man was most likely born here because there's a decent amount of documentation to support that, BUT why doesn't the Administration just produce the damn birth certificate so we can move on? Where's the friggin' birth certificate?! Put this to rest already so we can debate the real issues of the day.'

Many talk show hosts, both liberal and conservative, have had done entire shows on the possible reasons why the birth certificate is still dogging the president after all this time.
But alas, yesterday I heard THE BEST explanation as to why the debate persists. Any rational administration would just show the certificate...send a copy to each US household with their tax returns...right? Wrong. This administration is purposefully hoading the evidence. Why would they do that?

This debate is a perfect and highly effective distraction when needed. When Tea Party points start resonating with Democrats and when general unrest has set in with the public and the president's poll numbers drop --they can stir this up and paint the "birthers" as "nutters." They can say "see, the President's opposition is just a bunch of kooks that don't even think he's an American...cause he Black." It's the ace-in-the-hole redirection of attention for the administration. THEY are the only ones that could put this to rest and they could do it in mere seconds --but they CHOOSE not to.

For three years I have struggled to understand they Obama didn't wave the certificate under naysayers noses and this is the best explanation I've heard to date. I am not 100% sure, but I think it was FNC's Gretchen Carlson that alluded to this reason.

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