Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Does The Left Think About Our Libyan Involvement?


Even when Obama's Right...He's Wrong

"Sometimes I like to stand back and just look at politics as a game of strategy...especially during the beginning of a presidential campaign season. Logic seems to get pretty twisted.

You might think we have no business getting involved in Libya. I expressed that opinion myself not too long ago. You might also think we had a moral imperative to intervene and prevent the slaughter of civilians. I can appreciate that viewpoint also. You might even be worried that the rebels could end up being worse than Libya's current dictator. Very possible.

But I have to say I'm truly amazed how many Republicans and conservative pundits are walking on both sides of the fence. Obama should have intervened sooner, Obama
shouldn't have intervened at all.

On one of the Fox shows tonight they were so desperate to drum up criticism they ended up just talking about how the president didn't use exactly the right words in his speech tonight. One of their idiots actually asked "how much longer are we going to be stuck in this war". Yeah, nine days is pretty rough.

I think time is quickly running out for Libya's leader. I guess when he's defeated, the Right Wingers will slam Obama for winning too quickly and too cheaply."

ALa says...
But, I'd like to turn that back around and point out that it's hard to talk about disparity without asking why I have heard nothing about these Army kill teams in the MSM? Have you seen the uncensored pictures that are being released and recall that the left said panties on the head made George Bush a war criminal...how does cutting off fingers and decapitating not make Barack Obama a war criminal under that logic? Why isn't this plastered everywhere the way Abu Gharib was? Where is Cindy Sheehan?

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