Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Obama's Second March Madness Faux Pas

Remember this time last year when we were talking about the press giving Barry a pass on misspelling Syracuse?

Well, Obama is making march madness news again...just by playing. I could weigh in on this 1,000 different ways (maybe he too is using sports to forget about what a bad President he's been...), but I couldn't say it better than John Lillpop:

"Among the many challenges facing BHO, the following issues make the daily routine in the Oval Office sheer drudgery for an in-over-his-head community organizer:

•Budget and deficit crisis,
•Threat of government shutdown,
•Nuclear meltdown in Japan,
•Conflicts in Libya, elsewhere in Middle East, Africa, and
•Soaring gasoline prices, possible threat to economic recovery.

Despite having all of that on his plate, the president is voluntarily taking on new and important responsibilities.

Specifically, Barack Obama is taking time out from his intense schedule to attend to a subject near and dear to the American people: College basketball.

Also known as “March Madness,” America’s obsession with college hoops slips into mindless hysteria this time of year, afflicting millions of Americans, apparently including Barack Obama, allegedly.

Notwithstanding his legendary power and fame, President Obama is taping his picks for the NCAA finals today, and they’ll be revealed tomorrow on ESPN." (Read the entire article)

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