Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama's Approval Ratings...So Why Not Trump?

"President Barack Obama’s approval rating and prospects for reelection have plunged to all-time lows in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. Half of the registered voters surveyed for the poll think that the president does not deserve a second term in office, while 41 percent say he does. In another Quinnipiac poll released just four weeks ago, 45 percent said the president did not deserve reelection, while 47 percent said he did." SOURCE)

And after the past few weeks of GOP hopefuls making the rounds and reading blog and OPed speculations on who could best capitalize on the messiah's decline...I have to ask you all...why not Trump?

When I posted his possible interest in running, the main concern here seemed to be that he had expressed interest before and not run. But what are the concerns beyond that? The only one I can really come up with is that I don't know his position on a few key issues --which could make his SCOTUS picks a huge downfall of a Trump run.

One of the many things peaking my interest is that Trump hasn't even fully made his case or given an official stump speech and he's polling within 2 points of Obama in a head to head match up. I want Obama to be ONE AND DONE.

I like his disgust with cheap imports overtaking our economy and his ability to disregard the PC police in talking about a "Muslim problem," not to mention his common sense approach to Birther-gate (once again showing no regard for what the liberal elite and Hollywood will say about him).

I don't like that he had such a problem with Bush, BUT I'd be okay with that if that dislike is purely based on fiscal issues... I also don't like that he voted for Obama. I can't find any excuse for a business man and entrepreneur voting for a socialist. So, he'll really have to explain that at length. Did he get caught up in Obamafever like so many others? The Donald has a lot of explaining to do---but I have to be honest, if he's serious about giving it 100%...he's a front runner in my mind.

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Adrian Anderson said...

Well. Just shows how wise blonde sagacity is. As if Coulter didn't teach us enough.