Tuesday, March 01, 2011

$$$ Gas Prices $$$

Here in Philly we're at $3.29 a gallon, but Charlie Sheen seems to be the only thing on the news.

Is it just me, or do you have the feeling that if there was a Republican currently in the Oval Office gas prices would be lead in and above the crease in every news medium out there?

Once again the MSM seems to be sparing Obama the blame for rising prices a the pump. There is a piece in the NYT Blog today, but it addresses the issue while deftly reminding the reader that Republicans were for off-shore drilling and drilling caused the BP oil spill...

"As the Gulf oil slick recedes from memories, some coastal politicians have urged a return to increased drilling as part of an effort to help the Gulf economy recover.

That message has not yet become part of the larger national conversation about the economy. But at $4 a gallon, a 15-gallon fill-up at the station would cost $60, an expensive proposition for voters who are already struggling economically. If prices soar to $5 — which some observers say is possible — a tank of gas would be $75.

At that rate, even the BP oil spill might not be enough to quell the “Drill baby drill” chants." source)

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