Friday, March 11, 2011

Town Must Pay for Union Member's Coffee et al

"A Connecticut town must provide their union workers free coffee and milk, according to a ruling from the State Board of Labor Relations.

The board also ordered town leaders to reinstate “Dress Down Fridays” for the union clerical and custodial workers.

The dispute involved the town of Orange and the local chapter of the United Public Service Employees Union..." (SOURCE)

This. is. why. you. are. bankrupting. this. country.

The MSM, Michael Moore and Bill Maher have done a great job of painting Scott Walker (and other Governor's struggling to deal with astronomical bills and no money) as fat cat villains poised to destroy the little guy...


SO MANY of my friends' small businesses have been devastated by the same unions that claim to represent the little people. They don't care about the little people unless they are lining their coffers and buying their Swedish Au pairs and boats... They are driving up prices, driving down productivity and trying to rob the American entrepreneur a chance to make his dreams come to fruition. They are a cancer on the free market system and many other working class/middle class people I know feel (and vote) the same way. And I'm more and more convinced that the ones that don't, don't really get it...

(I hate that the Police & fireman are throwing in with these pro-Mumia, anti-cop lefty groups...but like I just said, the ones that don't despise it...apparently just don't get it...)

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