Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Burying My Head in the Ice

I've always been put off by sports guys. Not a guy that likes his city's teams, but will still go to the mall with you if a game's on...but the ones that watch any team, any game and of any sport. The ones that shoosh you or treat their women bad for the rest of the day when their team loses. Sorry, the ones that watch college teams. Those guys.

But, the Obama presidency has given me a deeper understanding of these over-sportsed men.

(Wives and girlfriends of these men stop reading now...)

You hate your lives - or aspects of them anyway. (See, now I have your attention!) Seriously though, it's obviously an escape. All your anger and frustrations can be directed at said team and not at the choices you've made.

I say this because I have been doing the same thing.

I have always loved the Flyers. I went to a few games here and there each season and watched games when I remembered they were playing. But now... I can't get enough.

I'm so absolutely depressed by the country around me that I have wrapped my head in orange and black so I don't have to see Washington DC. I have gone from watching the Flyers to watching any game that's on. Cheering for teams that will knock out the teams that could pose a threat to us.

I have even toyed with shutting the doors of Blonde Sagacity to write for the Bleacher Report (where there is a glaring lack of female writers...)

It's easier. It's easier to cheer the good guys and boo the bad guys for three 20 minutes periods than to sit and watch what's really going on around me. To face the fact that, as much as I agree with Governor Scott Walker, what went down in WI may have given the unions and Obama's 2012 campaign the legs they needed to push off strong...

So for now have patience with me while I indulge myself in the realm of avoidance--you men have hogged it much too long. For now I'm content with sticking my head in the ice. Once the playoffs are over and 2012 GOP candidates are announced...I'll come back to the real world... maybe.

That being said, I don't think you'll catch me watching football or baseball any time soon...

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