Thursday, March 10, 2011

Allen West, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker

These are the three Conservatives that rose above the rest in a recent polling done at Right Wing News.

As the headlines scream "Chaos in Wisconsin" and demonize Governor Scott Walker, the poll shows that ZERO PERCENT of the Conservatives polled dislike him. 0%. Over half "strongly like" him. Talk about a country divided.

Also with no strong dislikes was Col. Allen West (almost 77% strongly like him) and Chris Christie (50% strongly like him).

Yet, the GOP continues to push Mitt Romney as the heir apparent despite the fact that the poll shows only 3% 'strongly likes' him (who are you?) and over 55% don't like him.

It's no surprise that Ms. McCain topped the least liked list with a whopping 93.8%.

You can find all the people polled, the people that were rated and the sometimes surprising data at Right Wing News.

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